Group Counseling

All groups are free and open to undergraduate and graduate students. The Counseling Center offers a wide selection of groups (see below for group listings). 

We also offer short-term workshop seminars (3-4 sessions) to build personal and interpersonal skills, and semester-long workshop seminars focused on personal growth and support.

All groups/workshops are meeting virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic.

TUCC Groups Updates

A new cycle of groups will begin in the spring 2021 semester. Please check back at the start of the semester for more information. 

Group Therapy

What is Group Counseling?

Group experiences provide opportunities to:

  • identify with others who share similar concerns
  • increase self-awareness and self-acceptance
  • improve the quality of your life, work, and personal relationships 

How do I sign up for a group?

  • Some groups you can immediately register for by calling the Counseling Center at 410-704-2512. Other groups require meeting with an individual therapist first. Let our administrative staff know which group you want to join, and they will get you registered or schedule you for an initial appointment.
  • If you already have a scheduled appointment, talk with your counselor about your group of interest.

For more information about our groups, please email , the Coordinator of Group Services.

Currently offered psychotherapy groups

Accept Yourself: Learning Self Compassion

This group meets for the entire semester, but focuses on self-reflection and skill building to help students learn to be kinder to themselves. It addresses a range of concerns, including low self-esteem, negative self-talk, difficulties with body image, and other forms of not accepting oneself.

Grief & Loss Workshop and Support 

This group provides education and support for students who have suffered a significant death in their life, be in recently or in their distant past. Losing a loved one, regardless of the circumstances, can be an incredibly difficult experience. This is group is an opportunity for students who “get it” to come together and process these losses.

Psychotherapy Process Groups

This is a therapy group. In it, you will learn about yourself, how you relate to others, and how others relate to you. It is a unique experience of connection and trust, as members work to achieve personal and interpersonal goals for growth. 

Four separate groups meet throughout each semester. 


Thriving After Trauma: Survivors of Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence

This group is open to students of all gender identities who are survivors of sexual and relationship violence. The group will offer support and solidarity to survivors and will teach coping skills to promote emotion regulation and distress tolerance.

currently offered support groups

Generation One: First Generation College Students Support

This group is an opportunity to join with students who want to build community, grow networks, and add to one's resources. Themes may include: navigating unfamiliar situations, juggling finances and socializing, managing responsibilities and guilt, translating abilities to college success and empowerment through connecting with help and support. 

Graduate Students Support

This group brings together graduate students to gain support and advice in navigating the unique challenges that come with pursuing graduate education. 

In, Out, and In-Between: LGBTQIA+ Students Support

Whether you are out, questioning, or not even sure, this group is for LGBTQIA students of all backgrounds to confidentially discuss and explore aspects of gender identity and sexual orientation in a safe space.

The group is support-based and is designed to encourage open discussion about:

  • gender
  • sexuality
  • coming out
  • relationships
  • family
  • community
  • other areas of your life that may be difficult to discuss elsewhere
Immigrant Students Support

This group provides a supportive space for individual who identify as immigrants (1st gen, 1.5 gen, 2nd gen, etc.). Students are provided opportunities to receive support related to the immigrant experience, such as family stressors, bicultural identity issues, identity development, U.S. immigration issues, and more.

Sister-to-Sister: Women of Color Support

This is a group for folks who identify as cis- and trans- Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color (BIWOC) to discuss issues relevant to them and seek support from other women of color to cultivate the spirit sisterhood and community among TU students.

Student Athlete Support

This is a group for TU student-athletes to process their experiences and seek support given the COVID-19 pandemic and upcoming 2020-21 season of competition (or potential lack thereof). 

Transfer Students Support

This group is designed to help transfer students develop connections with one another, and address topics such as adapting to a new university, developing new relationships, learning a different system, transitioning to a 4-year university or a different program, managing feelings of disconnection, and self-doubt.

currently offered workshops

Be Your Best Self Workshop: Skills for Coping, Feeling and Relating

This four-session workshop seminar helps students learn valuable self-help skills focused on topics such as:

  • Stress
  • Mindfulness
  • Coping skills
  • Understanding and managing emotions
  • Interpersonal effectiveness
  • Distress tolerance
Mindfulness Meditation Workshop

Four session weekly workshop seminar in which students will learn about mindfulness and have opportunities within the group to practice the skills.

This workshop is an introduction to meditation, including relaxation and visualization practices for reducing stress, improving concentration, and increasing self-acceptance.

RIO (Recognition, Insight, Openness) Workshop: Skills for Awareness, Understanding, and Change

This three-session workshop seminar is grounded in the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and helps students to clarify the issues they are struggling with, develop insight into those issues, and begin to align themselves for making long-lasting change.

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