Substance Treatment Services

Specialized services and programs are available if you are troubled either by your own or someone else’s use of alcohol and drugs.

Individual Services

The Counseling Center can help students turn difficulties into opportunities for personal growth. Services are confidential and there is no fee for most services.

Call 410-704-2512 to schedule an appointment today with a substance treatment counselor.

Group Services

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Group

NOTE: A referral is required for this group.

This group counseling service is offered to students, who, as a result of abuse or dependence, need educational information about chemical dependency and recovery. Students must:

  1. be willing to commit to total abstinence
  2. be willing to seek support to abstain completely
  3. learn about other non-chemical activities that are effective in their recovery

Program Contact: Emily Sears, M.S., LCADC ()




Tigers in Recovery

Tigers in Recovery is the Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) for Towson University. This program is designed to support TU students that are in or seeking recovery from substance abuse disorders. Tigers in Recovery and its programs help students have an authentic college experience while maintaining their recovery.


Towson University Policies

There are several institutional policies and codes related to substance use in place to keep the students and the campus safe. Students, faculty and staff should be familiar with the following policies and codes: