Celebrating APIMEDA History & Culture

We honor the diverse cultures of Asian, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern and Desi Americans (APIMEDA) on TU's campus and beyond.

Many People. Many Cultures.

The APIMEDA diaspora comprises nearly 100 countries from North Africa to Asia and the islands of Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia. The term expands traditional AAPI affinity groupings to be more inclusive of Middle Eastern and Desi Americans. We recognize the broad experiences and contributions of these distinct ethnicities and cultures, and celebrate the many ways APIMEDA community members make TU more vibrant.

The APIMEDA community comprises nearly 100 countries from North Africa to Asia.


The Change Makers

Sidd Kaza

Leading TU’s Research Evolution

As TU’s inaugural associate provost for research and dean of graduate studies, Sidd Kaza is bringing TU’s vision for transformative research to life, inspiring faculty and students to create knowledge for the public good.

Q&A With Sidd Kaza
Arundhati Rao

Inspiring Service & Volunteerism

As an appointee to the Governor’s Commission on Service and Volunteerism, Associate Professor Arundhati Rao employs her personal history of philanthropy to inspire others to give back to their communities.

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Yu-Ling Shao

Empowering Healthier Habits

Director of Student Health Services Yu-Ling Shao is developing new programs and partnerships—as well as strengthening existing ones—to educate and empower  all TU students to achieve long-term health, wellness and life satisfaction.

Q&A with Yu-Ling Shao


APIMEDA Resources

Solidarity and Support

All Tigers deserve to live in an environment where they can feel safe and thrive. We condemn hate speech and racist behavior of any kind.

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Building Coalitions and Communities

Petra Tsuji

Advancing Women 

Professor Petra Tsuji co-directs TU’s Women in Science Program, which is expanding the recruitment and retention of female students and faculty in the sciences.

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PD Nguyen

Breaking Boundaries

Supported by TU professors and mentors, P.D. Nguyen propelled herself into research on digital forensics, earning a position at the U.S. Department of Defense.

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Baylee Wong

Fostering Connection

As co-chairs of the Asian Faculty & Staff Association, Cristina Packard and Atika Syed are creating community and fostering a sense of belonging at TU.

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Connecting Through Art

The Asian Arts & Culture Center

The Asian Arts & Culture Center (AA&CC) opened its doors in 1971, showcasing Asian stories, arts and culture to challenge stereotypes and strengthen cultural understanding amid the Vietnam War. AA&CC hosts year-round programs, exhibitions and events that offer unique perspectives on the human experience. 

Programs and exhibitions History of AA&CC
AACC performance

Experts & Advocates

Subrata Acharya

Subrata Acharya

Assistant professor of computer & information sciences Subrata Acharya is improving the security of medical records.

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Yanna Taboada

Yanna Taboada ’21

Fueled by a passion for psychology, Yanna Taboada ’21 proctored a service-learning course to uncover the unique needs of neurodiverse populations at TU.

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harjant gill

Harjant Gill

Visual anthropologist Harjant Gill shares his research on masculinity in Indian society to help bring enlightenment and change.

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By the Numbers

Statistics based on federal reporting guidelines as of fall 2022.


TU students identify as Asian, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander.


TU faculty and staff members identify as Asian, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander.


APIMEDA affinity groups on TU's campus


TU celebrates and recognizes the cultural identities and lived experiences of its community members.

We see you.

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