Celebrating Native Heritage & Culture

“We are still here.”

Recognizing and honoring Indigenous people, histories and experiences unveils the truth of the past, honors the vibrant communities of the present, and supports Native students' success.

TU’s campus resides on the ancient homelands of the Susquehannock, Nanticoke and Piscataway people. Our diverse students, faculty and staff represent these nations and many more—each of which has a distinct heritage and culture. This page celebrates their individual stories as well as the collective events and programming that strengthen opportunities for connection and advancement. Additional resources are provided to foster a deeper understanding of our region’s rich Native cultures and the ways they remain vibrant and present today.

Our Community

With 574 recognized tribes and many more still seeking recognition, our Indigenous community is as diverse as we are proud. We unite in a shared connection to history and a shared dedication to preserving our cultures for the generations to come. From food to art and everywhere in between, we celebrate the traditions and perspectives we bring.

Empowering the future

Alexis Norwood

Alexis Norwood ’26

"Disease symptoms can present differently for people of different races and genders, and when symptoms are generalized, it can make diagnoses harder for people of color. I want to be part of the change to look at patients holistically and use that to improve care."

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Emily Minner

Emily Minner ’20

“I’ve never been on a reservation, and I don’t look like most cultural representations of Native Americans. I know what a struggle it can be to find a place where you feel like you belong.”

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Jess Dickerson

Jessica Dickerson ’11

“As an adult I’ve surrounded myself with more people who are like me and have really been invested in learning about our history and the importance of what’s happened and how we can continue to advocate for Native folks all over.”

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Building Community and Connection


TU's land acknowledgment

We hereby acknowledge the ground on which we reside so that all who come here know that we recognize our institutional history and our responsibilities to the peoples of that land, and that we strive to address that history so that it guides our work in the present and the future.

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How to thoughtfully recognize Indigenous nations & lands

The Office of Inclusion & Institutional Equity (OIIE) provides guidance about TU’s land acknowledgment and how it can be used.

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Buck Hitswithastick, College of Fine Arts & Communication Distinguished Guest Artist

Honoring history and culture

“We're still here, we’re still alive, and we haven’t changed.”

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Buck Hitswithastick

Partnerships supporting Native traditions

The Baltimore American Indian Center (BAIC) hosted powwows in the University Union from 2014 to 2017, and now host powwows at the Maryland State Fairgrounds.

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A path to learn more

Building community at TU

Led by Native/Indigenous Student Research Assistant Gabriel Ortiz ’23, the Office of Inclusion and Institutional Equity is undertaking ongoing research to identify and bring together Native students at TU.

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Connecting the past to the present

Akim Reinhardt

Akim Reinhardt

“Native people are generally not part of the national discourse. And when they are, it's usually about the past. So any time that we can counter those erasures by making people remember that Native people are still here is important.”

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Katherine Sterner

Katherine Sterner

“We know historically, based on documentation from early European explorers, that Indigenous people took their winter camps into the headwaters [of the Susquehanna River].”

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Gabriel Ortiz

Gabriel Ortiz '23

“My dad would teach me the spirit of everything, and I’ve always wanted to keep that alive. We’re very proud of our Indigenous heritage, and it’s pushed me on my path a lot. I always thought it’s important to make sure people have that at TU.”

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Native Student Resources

Supporting access and success

These identity-based scholarship and career resources for Native American students support college persistence and completion.

TU Career Center Resources National Education Association EdJustice American Indian College Fund

TU celebrates and recognizes the cultural identities and lived experiences of its community members.

We see you.

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