Special Events Parking

Towson University hosts many large and small events throughout the year on all areas of the campus. Please follow all posted signs and staff directions before parking on campus for events.

Event Parking Guidelines

  • Departments and Event Coordinators must coordinate parking arrangements with Parking & Transportation Services for any event using 10 or more parking spaces.
  • Complete and Submit an Event Parking Request Form prior to committing to an event, date or location.
  • Parking Availability: Limited during peak times (Monday-Thursday from 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) Event parking is generally provided during these times in the West Village Garage and the lots near SECU Arena and Johnny Unitas Stadium.
  • Parking & Transportation Services will determine the parking location for event attendees.  For groups with assigned parking that is not close to the event location, participants can ride the On-Campus Gold Route Shuttle or arrange for Charter Bus Service.

Center for the Arts Events

  • Parking Information:  Follow direction of signs and printed materials on parking locations for the event.  Visitor parking is in Lot 13 (next to Johnny Unitas Stadium), Union Garage (across from the Center for the Arts).  If the event is during enforcement hours (Monday through Thursday from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.) visitors must purchase a Visitor Parking Permit and park in a designated visitor area.  Visitor paystations are located in both Lot 13 and the Union Garage. Ensure to have your license plate at time of purchase at the paystation.
  • Accessibility:  Accessible parking spaces are located in both Lot 13 and the Union Garage.  Visitors must display both an Accessible plate/placard and a valid TU parking permit (if during enforcement hours).  Paratransit Service is available to those with mobility issues.


  • Graduate Parking:  All Commencement ceremonies will take place at SECU Arena.  One  Commencement parking permit will be issued to each graduate.  Expect heavy traffic throughout the day.  Lots 13 and 14 near SECU Arena will be restricted to graduates with a Commencement Day permit.  Accessible Plate/Placard owners will be directed to Lot 21.  Parking Staff will provide direction to available parking area.
  • General Parking:  Those without a Commencement permit or Accessible Plate/Placard will be directed to the Union Garage.  Shuttles will be available for transport to SECU Arena from the 3rd Floor Exit on the Cross Campus Drive side of the Union Garage.  Vehicles will not be permitted near the SECU Arena to drop off passengers.  Commencement Parking Map (PDF)
  • VIP/Faculty Parking: VIPs and Faculty will be required to display a Commencement Day parking permit.  Specific parking locations will be communicated in advance.  Accessible Plate/Placard owners will be directed to Lot 21.
  • Accessibility:  Paratransit Service is available to take those with limited mobility and one guest from parking areas to SECU Arena.  See parking attendant to call for Paratransit van.
  • Shuttle Information:  Shuttle buses will operate continuously between the 3rd level exit of the Union Garage and SECU Arena.  Service begins 90 minutes before the ceremony begins.  Service ends 90 minutes after ceremony ends.  Regular Shuttle Service will not be in operation. 
  • Please Note:  All lots will open 2 hours prior to the ceremony start time for graduates and guests.  Balloons and noisemakers are NOT ALLOWED in SECU Arena.

Move In/Move Out

Unless otherwise directed by a Police Officer, park in a legal space.  Fire lanes must remain clear at all times. 

  • Official Fall/Spring Move-In Days:  The weekend prior to the first day of classes are considered "Official, Move-In Days".  During these times, students will be given access to walkways and roads near Residence Halls to unload.  Please follow the directions of Parking Staff and Police Officers posted at and near all Residence Halls.
  • Official Fall/Spring Move-Out Days:  The weekend after finals and before Commencement is considered "Official Move-Out Days".  During these days, students will be given access to walkways and roads near Residence Halls to load.  Please follow the directions of signs and staff.
  • Early & Late Move-In and Move-Out:  "Move-In" or "Move-Out" spaces will be located near each Residence Hall a minimum of one week prior to or one week after Official days.  Vehicles may only park in these spaces for a maximum of 30 minutes for loading/unloading only.  After vehicle is loaded or unloaded, it must be moved to a legal Core or Resident parking space and display a valid parking permit during Enforcement Hours.
  • Early Move-In Parking Permits:  (Fall Semester Only)  These permits are issued for one day only and are only valid on their assigned day.  They are issued by the Administrator of the group authorizing the early move-in.  Permit must be displayed with date circled while parked in either a Resident or Core parking space.  For days not covered by the Early Move-In permit, you must either purchase a parking permit or obtain a Visitor permit from one of the yellow paystations located throughout the campus.

High School Graduations

  • Permit Parking:  Those who have been issued a parking permit by their school administrator will be directed to park in Lot 20 near SECU Arena. Please follow the directions of signs and staff.
  • General Parking:  Available in Lots 13, 14 and 19 near SECU Arena.  Please follow the directions of signs and staff.
  • Accessible Parking:  Those with valid Accessible Plates/Placards will be directed to park in Lot 21 near SECU Arena.  Please follow directions of signs and staff.
  • Shuttle Service:  Paratransit Service is available for those with limited mobility.  Please see Parking Attendant if assistance is required.  Additional Shuttles may be available based on your school's request.
  • Please Note:  Lots open 90 minutes before Ceremony start time.  Please follow the directions of signs and staff.  Check with Parking Attendant for further questions.  Parking Map. (PDF)

Sports Events

  • Basketball, Lacrosse:  In order to accommodate fans, the following lots may be restricted:  Lots 13, 14, 19, 20 and 21 near SECU Arena and Johnny Unitas Stadium.  Other lots as designated by Parking & Transportation Services may be restricted at various times.  Please follow directional signs posted on highways and direction of staff.  Anyone wishing to park in a restricted lot must display a pre-issued Game Day permit.  See Athletics for more information and to purchase individual or season tickets.
  • Football Parking Information:  All lots around Johnny Unitas Stadium will close 6 hours before game time and open 4 hours prior to game time.  Game day permits are required to park in lots 19, 20 and 21.  Lots 13 and 14 and all core campus garages will be available for general parking (no permit required).  Osler Medical Center parking lot is restricted and not open for game day parking.  Tailgating is permitted in designated areas only.  Football Parking Map (PDF)  Gold Route Express Shuttle Service beginning and ending at the Towson Center, begins 4 hours before game time and runs until 1 hour after game time.  See Athletics for more information and to purchase individual or season tickets.
  • Please Note:  Towson University parking permits are not valid for Game Day parking in restricted lots.  Free parking is available on weekends in most locations on campus.  Please read all signs prior to parking.  Practices are not considered events.  Anyone coming to observe a practice must obtain a valid visitor permit during Enforcement Hours and park in an appropriate area.

Upcoming Special Events for 2019/2020:

(Listed events will affect traffic on campus.)

Event Date(S)
Aug. 22, 24, 25
Football: Towson University vs. North Carolina State) Sept. 7
Fall Career Fair Sept. 20
Football: Towson University vs. Villanova
(Family Weekend)
Sept. 21
Football: Towson University vs. Albany Oct. 12
Dance the Madness Oct. 16
Football: Towson University vs. Bucknell  (Homecoming)
Oct. 19
USSBA Band Competition Oct. 20
TU Marching Band Oct. 26
Football: Towson University vs. Delaware Nov. 2
Turkey Bowl (Thanksgiving Day) Nov. 28
Winter Commencement Dec. 18 & 19
Tigerfest Apr. 24 & 25
Spring Commencement May 23, 24, & 25
High School Graduations May 26 - June 5 & June 8
Special Olympics

June 5 -7

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