Future Vision for Parking & Transportation

Our shared vision for the evolution of TU’s parking and transportation programs. 

Our future vision for campus parking and transportation emphasizes an improved experience and supports campus sustainability. Anchored by four themes, it will guide the evolution of future parking and transportation programs: 

  • Park once: You’re guaranteed a spot at your assigned lot/garage.* 
  • Shuttle there: More frequent shuttles take you wherever else you need to go. 
  • Equitable rates: Reduced rates for students who park farther away or use parking less often; more equitable transitions between faculty/staff permit tiers. 
  • Sustainability: Enhanced support for walking, biking and shuttling; fewer vehicles circling garages. 

Revised programs will be refined and rolled out incrementally as budget and staffing levels allow.  

* On isolated occasions, such as during large events, parkers may be asked to park in an alternative location. 

2022-2023 Updates

  • With duration-based pricing, parking resources are charged more to groups who use them more frequently, such as residents, while those who use them less, such as commuters, pay a lower rate.
  • A proximity-based pricing system was incorporated into the student rate structure, whereby students pay a reduced rate if they are assigned to, or choose to park in remote areas such as stadium lots.
  • Additional parking rate tiers were added and the rate changes between tiers were realigned to make faculty/staff rates more equitable. 
  • The York/Fairmount, Timonium/Cockeysville, Lachlan Circle & Tiger in Town shuttle routes have been discontinued due to low ridership or to avoid overlap with existing MTA and Baltimore County routes. 

Park Once Approach

When the "park once" approach is implemented, faculty, staff and students will choose a parking lot/garage where they will be guaranteed a spot (with isolated exceptions for large events). When traveling to any other area of campus, they will use a more sustainable method of transportation, such as walking, biking, or using more frequent shuttle service.

While the details are still in development, we understand there are times when faculty or staff may need to use their vehicles to move heavy or bulky items.  A process will be in place to accommodate those needs. 

Parking Assignments

Faculty & Staff

When the "park once" approach is implemented, faculty and staff will have the opportunity to choose their parking lot/garage assignments.  Available spaces in garages will be adjusted as necessary to meet demand.  If a surface lot is sold out, you may be asked to select another location. If this occurs, you can choose to put your name on a waitlist for when space becomes available in the surface lot.  


When the "park once" approach is implemented, commuter students will have the opportunity to select a parking lot/garage assignment based on their eligibility and the availability of spaces.  Once an area is sold out, you will be asked to select another location. If this occurs, you can choose to put your name on a waitlist should space become available in that area. 
Eligible resident students will be assigned a parking location based on their housing locations. Those living on the core of campus or in the West Village will be assigned to the West Village Garage while space is available. If the West Village Garage sells out, remaining residents will be assigned to stadium area lots. Students residing in 10 West will be assigned to the 10 West Garage. Should the 10 West Garage sell out, residents will be assigned to either the West Village Garage or stadium lots, based on availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

The first programmatic updates are being implemented in fall 2021. We are simultaneously revising internal operations to prepare for forthcoming programs. Programs will be adapted and implemented incrementally as budget and staffing levels allow.  

Details will be shared as they are refined. For fall 2021, the key change is shifting all resident permit holders to the West Village Garage, providing additional space for commuter parking on the core campus.

When the program is implemented, students who park in remote lots will receive reduced rates for parking permits. Additionally, students who are on campus less often, such as commuters and evening permit holders, will have lower rates than resident students who utilize parking the most. 

Our goal is to bring more consistency and equity to the percentage increases between faculty/staff permit tiers. We will share additional information on our website and in TU Today as the process develops. 

Developing the vision 

In early 2020, we engaged planning experts Kimley-Horn to re-envision parking and transportation on TU’s campus. Together, we conducted a campus-wide study which took into account parking and shuttle usage data, peer benchmarking and input from campus feedback sessions. The study resulted in a set of initial recommendations, which were shared with the campus community via a public input survey. The survey results were used to refine and finalize the vision in summer 2021.