Inclusion Advocates

Established in 2020 and implemented in 2021, TU’s Inclusion Advocate (IA) program enhances equity, validity, diversity, and representation in university faculty hiring.

IAs are TU tenured faculty and permanent status librarians who are trained as search and selection process advisors. Their preparation includes a 16-hour Seminar and on-going education addressing current research and best practices about implicit bias, diversity, representation, and the ever-changing legal landscape in hiring, inclusive employment principles, and practical strategies for each stage of the search process. IAs are consistently on the cutting edge of effective advocacy of de-biasing the search process.

The Office of the Provost has committed to ensuring that a designated Inclusion Advocate sit on tenured, tenure track faculty and permanent librarian search committees.

Role and Responsibilities

Per the TU Tenured, Tenure-Track, Faculty and Permanent Status Librarian Hiring Procedures:

  • The role of the IA is to serve on the search committee as a resource to promote inclusive and equitable screening and evaluation of applicants.
  • The IA shall ensure that all voices are heard during the search process, and if necessary, address discriminatory behavior within the search process with support of the committee chair, department chairperson, dean, Assistant Provost for Diversity & Inclusion, and Office of Inclusion and Institutional Equity.
  • The IA is expected to participate in the same aspects of the search as other members of the search committee throughout the process.

The IA Seminar

All Inclusion Advocates take part in an in-depth Seminar in preparation for their role. The content of the IA Seminar includes major topics such as:

  • Demographics, Multiple Identities, & Intersectionality
  • The Creation of Inclusion Advocates
  • The Role & Expectations of Inclusion Advocates
  • Diversity, Representation, Equity & Inclusion Language
  • Hiring Protocols, Policies,  Procedures
  • Best Practices in Multicultural Interviewing
  • Dialogue, Diplomacy,  Conflict Resolution
  • Change Management

The IA Seminar will be provided at least once every other year as a collaboration between the Office of the Provost and OIIE.

Becoming an Inclusion Advocate

If you would like to be considered as an Inclusion Advocate, please email .

To request an Inclusion Advocate, please complete the Inclusion Advocates Form.

Inaugural Inclusion Advocate Cohort

Spring 2021 Cohort 

Inclusion Advocate 

Shantanu Bagchi, Associate Professor, Department of Economics

Melissa Groves, Associate Professor, Department of Economics


Mary Lashley, Professor, Department of Nursing

Devon Dobrosielski, Associate Professor, Department of Kinesiology


John McTague, Professor, Department of Political Science

Salvatore Pappalardo, Associate Professor, Department of English

Paporn “Bee” Thebpanya, Associate Professor, Department of Geography &
Environmental Planning


Todd Kenreich, Professor, Department of Secondary & Middle School

Gilda Martinez-Alba, Assistant Dean & Professor, Department of
Educational Technology & Literacy


Michael Angelella, Professor, Department of Electronic Media & Film

Joseph Kraemer, Associate Professor, Department of Electronic Media &

Vincent Thomas, Professor, Department of Dance


Clare Muhoro, Professor, Department of Chemistry

Kathryn (Beth) Kautzman, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry

Cindy Zeller, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry

Cook Libraries

Sara Arnold-Garza, Assistant University Librarian

Rick Davis, Copyright and Scholarly Communications Librarian

What Inclusion Advocates are Saying...

Dr. Joe Kraemer, Associate Professor, Electronic Media & Film
Dr. Joe Kramer, Associate Professor, Electronic & Media Film

“The Inclusion Advocate training was eye opening for me as a faculty member of Towson University and as a member and chair of several past faculty search committees. It drove home the point of how and why we need to do better at advancing our institution's mission of fostering an inclusive, diverse, and equitable campus for all, from students to employees. With this training, I feel more confident and well-equipped to advocate for inclusive practices throughout the search committee process.”

 Dr. Mary Lashley, Professor, Department of Nursing
Dr, Mary Lashley, Professor, Department of Nursing

"Through the IA program, I gained insight into the key ingredients needed to promote a respectful and diverse workplace that values and supports the inherent worth and dignity of each person. I also received valuable insight on the structures and processes needed for hiring, recruiting, and retaining a diverse and inclusive workforce."

 Vincent Thomas, Professor, Department of Dance
Vincent Thomas, MFA, Professor, Department of Dance

“Inclusion is an embodied practice not a switch to flip on or a box to check. It is how we see, hear, taste, smell, feel, which informs how we think.”

Questions? Email Dr. Shaunna Payne Gold, Assistant Provost for Diversity & Inclusion at .