Registration & Courses

Register for classes through your Student Center using this guide, How to Register for Classes (PDF), for assistance if needed. You may also register through MyTU Mobile or in person at the Registrar's Office in the Enrollment Services Center, Room 223, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Add/Drop/Swap/Withdraw or Waitlist a Class

To View the Schedule of Classes Before Registering

  • Click on Student Center, then Search for Classes under Academics
  • Click the Institution box & select Towson University
  • Select the term (semester)
    Term codes begin with 1 followed by the last two digits of the year and then the term number (1=Mini, 2=Spring, 3=Summer, 4=Fall). For example, Spring 2008 would be 1082.
  • Class Search Criteria - Select the subject (ex: English - ENGL), then Search
  • Click the Additional Search Criteria button to open a form that will allow you to search by days, times and instructors
  • Note the Class Number
    This is the four digit code you will enter when adding classes. The class number is listed with the course and section number (ex: MATH230.101 (1240) - the class number is 1240).

View Your Schedule

  • Click on Student Center, Academics
  • From the drop down box, select Class Schedule & click the arrow (go)
  • Select the term & continue to view your schedule
  • Payment due dates vary by date of registration.
  • Failure to pay your tuition by the deadline will result in cancellation of your schedule. Please check the Bursar's Office for payment information.

Courses Marked "Department Consent Required" (or other requirements)

Special permission or departmental authorization is required for courses marked "Department Consent Required." Contact the academic department for authorization.


All undergraduate students are required to meet with their academic advisor prior to registration for the fall and spring semesters. Advising holds can be lifted only by a student's advisor. Advisor assignments are posted in each student's Program Advisor box in their Student Center. Questions may be directed to the Academic Advising Center at 410-704-2472 or via email at .

class standing earned units
Freshman 0 - 29.5
Sophomore 30 - 59.5
Junior 60 - 89.5
Senior 90 units and above

Graduate Work by Seniors at Towson University

Seniors at TU may register for a maximum of 6 units of graduate study (500 level courses recommended) if they meet the following criteria:

  • graduate courses must be in excess of the units required for the bachelor’s degree
  • in advance of registration, student submits an email request to  specifying the graduate courses requested
  • student maintains a 3.00 or higher cumulative GPA

Payment for the courses are separate from that of undergraduate courses taken in the same term & at the graduate tuition rate.

The courses may be transferred later to the student’s graduate record; however, successful completion of courses does not guarantee admission into the program.

Permission to take a graduate course is also pending approval by the department/instructor that the Registrar's Office will solicit once the request is made by the student.


Some graduate programs require students to meet with their advisor or program director prior to registration. If there is an advising hold on your account, please contact your program director. If you are unsure who to contact, please see the list of graduate programs for the graduate program director's information.

Non-Degree Enrollment

Catalog Reference - Undergraduate Non-Degree Programs
Catalog Reference - Graduate Non-Degree Enrollment

If you are not currently pursuing a degree at TU, you will need to enroll as a non-degree student before registering for classes.

Non-Towson Students

View and Search the class schedule with no login required.

Declaring or Changing Your Major or Minor


All undergraduate students are asked to declare a major during their initial registration to assist advisors in proper placement of courses. Those who are not sure which major they wish to pursue will be designated as undecided. Students who wish to add, change or drop a major or minor must complete the Change of Major/Minor Form.


Graduate students wishing to change their program must contact the University Admissions Office at 410-704-2113 to complete a new application for their intended program. Previous applications to other programs cannot be used.