Climbing Wall

The Climbing Wall offers 3,500 square feet of climbing to students, faculty and staff of any skill or experience level.

campus recreation climbing wall

The Climbing Wall is found in the heart of the Outdoor Adventure Center, which can be accessed by entering Burdick Hall through the main entrance.

Campus Recreation members of all skill levels are welcome to use the Climbing Wall. The OAC staff possess the knowledge and skills to help first-time and seasoned climbers alike.  The Climbing Wall is able to accommodate individuals with hearing, sight, or mobility impairments – please let the OAC staff know what they can do to help make your experience great!

Spring 2021 UPDATE

Climbing Wall

The Climbing Wall is operating at a reduced capacity, reduced hours, and with changes to our standard procedures with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic. The health and safety of our staff and participants is the primary reason for our operational changes. Please read the information below to learn how you can climb at the OAC. 


Know Before You Go

COVID-19 Operations
  • The Climbing Wall and OAC is open Monday – Thursday 4-8 p.m. and Friday 2-8pm. 
  • All climbers must reserve a time to climb.  Reservations can be made on the Campus Rec portal. Climbing is free for all Campus Recreation patrons. Reservations will close 30-minutes before the scheduled session time.   
  • Climbing sessions are limited to five (5) climbers at a time. 
  • Climbing sessions will last 45-minutes and start at the top of the hour.  All climbers must exit the OAC at the 45-minute mark of the session to give our staff time to clean and sanitize the facility before the next climbing session.  
  • Climbers may register for multiple sessions in a day. Climbers who register for back-to-back sessions must exit the facility at the 45-minute mark and enter the facility again at the top of the hour.  
  • Climbers who reserve a time to climb and do not show up will not be penalized until their third “no-show”. After the third missed session, that climber will no longer be permitted to reserve a time to climb.   
  • Sections of the Climbing Wall will be closed. Routes and ropes will be rotated on a 3-day schedule. Available routes for the day will be listed in the OAC. There are routes available for climbers of all skill levels each day.   
  • Please come to the reserved time ready to climb. We suggest using the restroom beforehand and wearing the clothes you plan to wear when climbing. Restrooms will be available to use, but you must check-in at the OAC prior to gaining access.  
  • Only liquid chalk is permitted. Liquid chalk is available for climbers to use at the OAC.   
  • Only OAC Staff members are permitted to belay.  
  • Lead climbing and climbing clinics are suspended until further notice. 
  • Personal items must be kept in the waiting area of the OAC.  Food and non-water beverages are not permitted in the OAC.  
Climbing Wall Guidelines

Climbers of all skill sets and abilities are welcome in the Outdoor Adventure Center.  If a climber requires an adaptation to traditional climbing methods, please see a Campus Rec employee prior to climbing.  

  • Participants should not wear rings, necklaces extending beyond the chin, or dangling earrings while climbing or belaying.  
  • Participants with hair extending beyond their shoulders should tie it back when climbing or belaying.  
  • All pockets must be empty when climbing.  
  • The use of headphones and/or personal music devices are prohibited on the Climbing Wall floor.  
  • Participants may only use liquid chalk. 
  • Personal climbing equipment must be International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation approved.    
  • Climbers must be belayed by an OAC staff member to climb. 
  • Climbers are required to clip into the belay loop of their harness using two opposing carabiners.   
  • Climbers are required to utilize hand sanitizer immediately before and after every climb. 
  • OAC climbing equipment may not leave the OAC. 

Failure to follow or adhere to the above guidelines and/or the direction of Campus Recreation staff may result in disciplinary action.

Climbing wall faq

When is the Climbing Wall open?
  • The Climbing Wall and OAC is open Monday – Thursday 4-8 p.m. and Friday 2-6 p.m. 
Can I bring a Guest?

At this time, guests are not permitted in our facility. 

How can I belay?

At this time, only our staff can belay our climbers.   

Is there bouldering?

No, we do not allow bouldering at our facility.

 Is there lead climbing?

At this time, lead climbing is not permitted.

My body is one that might have specific requirements due to mobility, sight, or hearing impairments. Can I still climb?

The Outdoor Adventure Center welcomes climbers of all abilities and skill levels. We have equipment that can suit every climber of every body type. Please indicate that you will need adaptive climbing assistance on the reservation form when you register to climb. 

My group/club/team wants to climb together – how do we go about this?

At this time, groups are not permitted to reserve times to climb.