Project Explore

Join us on Project Explore to start your transition to Towson University with an adventure.


Trail Backpacking

Project Explore is one of the longest running traditions at Towson University.  Established in 1977 and originally named Project Marj, Project Explore is a "Wilderness Pre-Orientation" program for incoming freshman and transfer students of Towson University and is managed by the Department of Campus Recreation.

During each Project Explore session, participants are paired with up to seven other incoming Towson students for the duration of the experience. Each group is led by two student Project Explore instructors who will provide instruction in outdoor living and travel skills, as well as an introduction to life as a Towson student.

Project Explore 2018

Appalachia Multi-Activity - August 17 - 22

  • Cost: $225
  • Registration Opens: April 6
  • Registration Deadline: July 29
  • Description: During this session, participants will camp in one central location and get to experience hiking, rock climbing, whitewater kayaking, and trail biking in and around Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.


Click here to register.

  1. Select "Programs" from the home page
  2. Select "Summer 2018" in the "Semester" side-menu.
  3. Select "Project Explore."
  4. Click "Sign In."
  5. Click "Sign Up" on the Sign In page.
  6. Complete all fields
    1. Enter your Towson University issued email address in the "Email Address" field.
    2. Enter your 7-digit TUID number in the "ID Number" field.
  7. Proceed through all further prompted steps to complete registration.


Benefits of Project Explore
  • Get a head start on your orientation experience and meet current Towson students and alumni.

  • Establish relationships with other participants and student leaders to create an on-campus support network.

  • Increase self-awareness and self-confidence by stepping outside of your"comfort zone" and overcoming challenges.

  • Begin the practice of setting and achieving individual and group goals.

  • Gain a greater appreciation for the natural world and the simplicity of wilderness living.

  • Build decision making skills as you work within the group to form consensus on decisions.

  • Get engaged on campus. Research shows that students who are more engaged on campus will have greater academic performance than their peers and are more likely to stay at Towson until graduation.

  • Earn College Credit

  • Upon completing Project Explore, participants are eligible to receive one credit in KNES 241, Special Topics in Physical Education. To receive this credit, students must submit a three to five-page reaction paper describing the experience. It will count as an elective credit and is applicable toward the 120 credits required for a degree.

The Leaders
  • The Director of Project Explore is Andrew Lyburn. He works as the Assistant Director of Outdoor Adventures in Campus Recreation. Andrew is a Towson Alumnus and also holds a Master's Degree in Recreation Administration from Texas State University.

  • The instructors for Project Explore are current Outdoor Trip Leaders for Towson University's Outdoor Trips Program. These students hold Wilderness First Responder medical certifications and have had over 600 hours of training and leadership experience in a wilderness setting.