American Sign Language

The American Sign Language (ASL) Community is a residential learning community for Deaf students and students committed to improving and/or maintaining their ASL language skills. The community is open to students in the Deaf Studies major, students who use ASL in their everyday lives, and students who affiliate with the Deaf community. Through participation in the ASL Community, students will improve their understanding of the Deaf community through immersion in a Deaf and ASL friendly environment with ASL-only common areas, events, and activities. Community events could include guest speakers from the Deaf Community, tutoring in ASL, community meals, ASL storytelling and performances, poetry nights, and field trips to events highlighting Deaf lifestyle and traditions. This community is a partnership between the Deaf Studies Program and Housing and Residence Life.

Community Benefits

  • Ability to practice sign language with community members, faculty, and staff
  • Designated voice-off hours
  • Gain better understanding and awareness of the Deaf community and culture
  • Engaging in and planning of Deaf programming and events

*The American Sign Language Community is located in a premium housing rate building.  If you are selected to be in this Residential Learning Community you will be placed in Premium Housing.


What are the eligibility requirements?

The community is open to incoming and returning students who have 30 or fewer credits at the end of Fall 2018.

How do I apply?
  • Current residents: Applications will be available on Feb 12, 2019
  • Incoming First Year Students interested in the ASL Community must complete the online housing request process. This includes paying a $350 non-refundable housing deposit and agreeing to the terms and conditions of the housing contract. During the online process students will be able to identify interest in the ASL Community. 

For information on the online housing request process visit: Request Housing

What staffing is there for the community? 

The community will have a Resident Assistant and multiple Liaisons and Role Models.  Additionally, there will be support from the Deaf Studies Program and Housing & Residence Life.

How do I make a special accommodation request? 

Through the online housing request process, there will be an opportunity to complete a special accommodation request. 

How many roommates would I have? 

All rooms are double occupancy with a private bathroom.  During the fall semester, tripled rooms are located in this community, so there is a potential for a room with three roommates.

When was the American Sign Language Community established?

The American Sign Language Community was established in Fall 2013 in Barton House.

Additional Housing and Residence Life FAQ's can be found in the link below:

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