Community Mentor & Role Model

Housing & Residence Life seeks current students to serve in a student leadership role as positive role models and active participants in advancing the mission of the Living Learning Community. Students interested in these leadership opportunities may apply to be either a Community Mentor or a Role Model.

A Community Mentor is a student of sophomore+ status who is selected to serve a specific learning community as a resource to the first-year students in that community. Community Mentors should build relationships with the students in the learning community and will collaborate with other Residence Life and LLC staff to create engagement opportunities for the LLC. Community Mentors will most often be students who have lived in the community as a first-year student. The CM role is a paid position.

 A Role Model is a student of sophomore+ status who lives in an LLC. The RM position is not paid, but RMs are expected to set a good example for first-year students by positively engaging in the community. Both students who have previously lived in an LLC and students hoping to live in an LLC may apply to be a Role Model.

Process Details and FAQs

Community Mentor - a student of sophomore+ status who is selected to be a resource to the first-year and other students in the learning community.  The CM is a leader who will help to drive the specific mission of the learning community through: 

  • engagement (4 events/initiatives per semester) 
  • mentoring (assignment of mentees to be done by the Residence Life Coordinator in collaboration with community partners) 
  • collaborating with Resident Assistant, Residence Life Coordinator, and partners
  • role modeling in the community 
  • participate in ongoing leadership development trainings
  • Paid up to 6 hours a week at $15/hour

View the Community Mentor Position Description (PDF).

Role Model - a student of sophomore+ status who wishes to live in a learning community regardless of if they previously lived there.  While Role Models do not have specific parameters of responsibility in the way that a CM does, their expectations include: 

  • role modeling in the community 
  • support and participation in engagement opportunities 
  • being a positive and active member of the community 
  • volunteer position, unpaid
  • The Learning Community Mentor/Role Model Application will open on February 16th and is due by Monday, March 15, 2024 at 11:59 PM.
  • Applications to some LLCs may require supplemental material, such as a recommendation. These requirements can be found on the application.
  • Since Community Mentors and Role Models are required to live on campus, they must also complete a returning student housing application by the deadline of March 15. 
  • Students who applied to the Community Mentor and Role Model roles will be notified through their TU email by Tuesday, April 9, 2024 if they have been selected for placement in the LLC. 

For those interested in applying to one of the LLCs below, please be aware of the following:

  • SAGE Community: Residents interested in this community must be selected as a SAGE mentor for placement. This is a separate process; do not utilize this application process outline for other learning communities.  For more information, contact . 
  • Honors Community: The Honors Community does not utilize Community Mentors or Role Models.  Students seeking a leadership role in this LLC should look into applying to be an Honors College Student Director through the Honors College.
  • American Sign Language: The application submission for this community will require students to demonstrate their proficiency in ASL.
  • STEM Scholars: STEM Scholars: Residents interested in the CM role in the STEM Scholars Community need two recommendations from academic or professional references. The form to provide your references is linked to the application.  Please be sure to provide your references enough time to complete the form, as the references must be submitted by the closing date. 
  • Civic Transformation and Theatre: Since these communities are new for the 2024-2025 academic year, all interested students of sophomore+ status who plan to live on campus are encouraged to apply to these communities.
  • Community Mentors: exceptions will be given for students whose credits require them to move to an apartment, 30-89 credits. 
  • SAGE Community: To live in the SAGE Community as a sophomore+ student you must be selected as a SAGE Mentor.  SAGE Mentors will be selected by the SAGE Program.  Exceptions will be given for students whose credits require them to move to an apartment, 30-89 credits.  Students 90 credits and above at the end of Fall 2020 may return if they are continuing for the full academic year. 
  • No credit exceptions will be made for Role Models

The LLC Student Leader application is currently live. Applications and other related materials, including a returning student housing application, are due by March 15.   

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