Computer Trade-Up Program

The university replaces out of date and obsolete faculty and staff computers. The goal is to reduce ongoing university-wide support costs associated with aging systems and to provide an adequate platform to perform university duties.

Trade-Up Wizard unavailable 

The Trade-Up Program is focusing on replacing computers that won't run the next Operating System, Windows 11. This project will run through October 2025 and the online wizard will not be available during that time. Contact the OTS Faculty/Staff Help Center with questions.  

About the Trade-up Program

The Computer Trade-Up program is a 1:1 trade-up, meaning one new standard ("primary") computer is provided to a full-time, state-funded, eligible employee in exchange for one qualifying old computer. A shared or secondary computer does not qualify for trade-up.

Modified starting with fiscal year 2024, the Trade-Up Program replaces out of date and obsolete full-time faculty and staff computers. Program goals are to:

  • replace computers that are not compliant with the Windows 11 Project
  • provide one new standard computer replacement at no cost
  • reduce ongoing university-wide support costs associated with aging systems

The university strives to be compliant with USM requirements and maintain the most up-to-date and efficient hardware across campus; therefore, re-deployment of computers will be not permitted - except through the EduCycle Program

Criteria: Does your computer qualify? 

Several options exist for a replacement computer. TU has recommended hardware models and configurations that you can choose from.

The employee's eligilbility and the computer's compliance with Windows 11 are the "base" factors determining whether a computer qualifies for the Trade-Up Program. The following information will help you determine if a computer meets both hardware and usage criteria in order to be considered for the Trade-Up Program.

Hardware Criteria

Criteria is based on the make, model, and Windows 11 compatibility of the computer. In order to meet hardware qualifications, a computer must meet the following criteria. Be a:

  • Dell Optiplex 9010, 9020, 7040, 7050 models or computers purchased in 2017 or earlier.
  • Windows Laptop Computers: Dell Latitude EXX30, EXX40,  XX50, models, XX70 XX80 or computers purchased in 2017 or earlier.
  • All Macs purchased in 2015 or earlier. *Not trading up Macs at this time

Usage Criteria

All criteria below must be true in order for a computer to be considered for the Trade-Up Program:

  1. The computer model is not compatible with Windows 11.
  2. The staff requesting a trade-up is a full-time employee.
  3. The computer is a university-owned computer.
  4. The computer is a primary office computer used to perform typical job duties.
  5. The computer is not on loan or signed out for permanent home use.
  6. The computer is not used in a lab or classroom, used to control research apparatus, or used to share a department scanner or other peripheral device.
  7. The computer is not used for walk-up access, as a public resource, or an information kiosk.
  8. The computer is not used to perform work associated with a self-supporting activity or budget, e.g. an account beginning with 3 or higher.
  9. The person using the computer has not received a computer trade-up within the last four years.
  10. The computer must be university-owned property as evidenced by a Towson University property tag or other positive identifying information.
  11. The computer must be used by a full-time faculty/staff member or administrator to perform typical work responsibilities.
  12. The Trade-Up Program is limited to one new computer per employee.

Roles and Responsibilities

As part of the Computer Trade-up Program, OTS works with academic and administrative departments to review their registered computer inventories and determine which systems qualify. Roles and responsibilities are expected to be reviewed, understood, and agreed to for the Trade-Up program.

  • Pass along general communications about the Trade-Up program.
  • Identify, verify, and record all non-compliant computer inventory.
  • Identify primary and secondary computers within their department.
  • Verify the names and room numbers of recipients.
  • Provide or arrange office entry.
  • Work with OTS to answer questions and deal with issues for department.
  • Assist with scheduling data transfer appointments.
  • Arrange for the removal and disposals.  Material Management Service Request (MMSR)  
  • Keep the department head or other appropriate administrators informed.
  • delete unneeded documents and organize files in such a manner that they can be identified for transfer.
  • be available for the data transfer appointment. It could take up to three hours.
  • have the license information, as needed, for software to be installed on the new computer system.
  • contact OTS Faculty/Staff Help Center within 60 days if any data files did not transfer successfully (after a 60 days the old hard drives will be wiped clean of all data.)
  • Provide updates about the program and new qualifications to Department Coordinators.
  • As requested, meet with each Department Coordinator to review the program and determine which systems qualify.
  • Schedule an appointment for the computer setup and data transfers with the department. 
  • Arrange for delivery of new computers directly to the recipient's office.
  • Remove the hard drives from the old computers and document the receipt.
  •  Store old hard drives in a secure, climate-controlled environment in OTS for 60 days.

Contact Info

Questions About Contact  Contact Information
Problems occurring after the initial installation of new computer Designated OTS On-Site Support Technician Name/contact information to be provided to department coordinator
Retrieving lost data from hard drive that was removed,  Operating System and/or Microsoft questions. OTS, Faculty/Staff Help Center 410-704-5151 or 

Delivery Problems, Material Management Service Request (MMSR) questions, Moving old computers from office (after MMSR has been filed)

Material Management

410-704-2478 or

Questions or concerns regarding the trade-up process

Alexandra Howard, Trade-Up Coordinator, OTS 

 410-704-4513 or