Adobe CC Request Procedures

Student Technology Fees (STF) fund Adobe CC software licenses for the entire university. STF funds are solely dedicated to funding classrooms and computer lab technology. Faculty and staff Adobe CC licenses for office computers are reimbursed to the STF funds by the university and provided at no cost to colleges and departments.

Why do faculty and staff need approval for Adobe CC software?

Adobe software is expensive. Approval is necessary to confirm that university funds are being allotted to faculty and staff that need Adobe CC software to conduct academic, research, or business work for the university.

Licenses aren't granted to students. Faculty/staff can request Adobe CC software for office computers used by student employees, and these licenses must be assigned to a faculty or staff member.

Initial Request Process

  1. Faculty and staff request Adobe CC software from their chairperson or supervisor.
  2. The chairperson or supervisor authorizes their approval by submitting the appropriate TechHelp service request, listed below.
  3. Faculty and staff are sent a web form to complete, then the software is sent to your computer with installation instructions.
  4. Faculty and staff install the software.
    NOTE: faculty and staff will also be expected to maintain Adobe CC software and install software upgrades and updates each year when they receive announcements to do so.

Request and Approval Procedures

Faculty and staff can initiate an Adobe CC software request by following the appropriate procedures below for the division in which you are employed.

Division of Academic Affairs 

Faculty and Staff Procedures (PDF)
Chairperson Procedures (PDF)

All Other Divisions

Staff Procedures (PDF)
Supervisor Procedures (PDF)

Computer Labs and Classrooms

Local IT providers perform Adobe CC installations on college and department classrooms and computer labs. Installation procedures are available on the CTC TU Labs SharePoint site.

Adobe CC Installation Requirements for Installation

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