Referring Students to SCS

Student Computing Services (SCS) typically interfaces directly with students, but we also enjoy working with faculty to provide more effective and efficient support for particular assignments or projects.

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OTS Student Computing Services works with faculty to provide more effective and efficient support for particular assignments or projects. In the past, we have collaborated in ways such as those described below. In the future, we hope to expand these efforts in new and imaginative directions.

  • We have developed and delivered presentations during regular class meetings to orient students to SCS services and facilities and to overview media production processes.
  • We have developed custom templates to help students more successfully print posters that adhere to specific organizational guidelines.
  • We have produced self-help documents and videos customized to meet the needs of particular classes or assignments.
  • We have established online sign-up systems to coordinate the scheduling of blocks of recording appointments.
  • We have coordinated and staffed individual and small group presentation recording sessions so that students could focus on their content and delivery rather than on the underlying technology.
  • We have met directly with faculty to provide a detailed orientation to the multimedia equipment and booking system available to students (as well as to faculty and staff) and help abate concerns over making media production assignments. 
  • We have helped coordinate and lead class-level virtual reality sessions
  • We have secured and installed specific software titles associated with particular disciplines for the convenience of students who need or choose to work in our facilities in the evenings and on weekends.

If you would like more information, please read our SCS Brief Guide (PDF) or contact our professional staff at . To refer students to Student Computing Services (SCS), please consider including the following information in your syllabi:

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