Multimedia Equipment

OTS Student Computing Services (SCS) maintains a collection of digital cameras and other multimedia resources for the use of all TU students, faculty and staff.

SCS offers equipment reservation and checkout at our  Cook Library location. Current students, faculty and staff may use the university’s online resource booking system—ORBS—to reserve the circulating and lab-based equipment summarized below. Some equipment is also available from the  TUNE Computer Lab. Before booking, be sure to review the guidelines, terms and conditions at the bottom of this page. 

To learn more about Tiger ORBS, checkout these self-help titles:

SCS Resources

ORBS includes documentation and videos for most of our resources; you can access this information before booking or use the documentation links included in the confirmation email you receive. You must present your TU OneCard in order to pick-up equipment or use lab-based resources. All email messages will be sent to your TU email address.

circulating resources: Cameras, tripods, microphones, etc.

Our circulating resources may be used anywhere, on or off campus, for up to four days at a time. Your prompt pickup and return of equipment is essential for the smooth operation of this service, consequently SCS routinely suspends the borrowing privileges of those who repeatedly return equipment late. Before booking equipment, please review our reservation guidelines, terms and conditions at the bottom of this page; they are designed to offer fair, dependable access to as many borrowers as possible.

circulating ResoUrces Summary

Audio Recorders
  • Zoom H2 Digital Audio Recorders (DAR)
  • Zoom H1 Digital Audio Recorders (DAR)
  • audio-technica Pro 88W Wireless Lavalier Mic
  • Polsen OLM-10 Wired Lavalier Mic
  • Rode Podcaster USB Mic
  • Zoom H2 DAR in USB Mic Mode
  • Zoom H1 DAR in USB Mic Mode
Cameras, Fixed Lens
  • Canon VIXIA HF-G20 Camcorders
  • Sony HDR-CX560 Camcorder
  • Sony HDR-CX550 Camcorder
  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS5 Waterproof Camera
  • Kodak Zi8 Pocket Camcorders
  • Flip UltraHD Pocket Camcorders
  • Logitech Pro 9000 USB Webcams
Cameras, DSLR & Mirrorless
  • Canon EOS 80D w Canon 18-135 Zoom Lens
  • Canon EOS 70D w Canon 18-135 Zoom Lens
  • Canon EOS 60D w Canon 18-135 Zoom Lens
  • Sony Alpha 6300 Mirrorless w Sony 16-50 Zoom Lens
Cameras, Action & Spherical
  • GoPro HERO6 Action Camera
  • GoPro Fusion Spherical Camera
  • 360fly 4K Spherical Camera
  • RICOH Theta V Spherical Camera
  • Samsung Gear360 Spherical Camera
  • GoPro Chest Harness
  • GoPro Flex Clamp
  • GoPro Head Strap
  • GoPro Suction Mount
Tripods & Stabilizers
  • Manfrotto/Bogen 3001BPRO Tripod w Pan Head
  • SLIK 700DX Tripods w Pan Head
  • Sony VCT-R640 Tripods w Pan Head
  • Gripster III Tripod (like GorillaPod)
  • Smartphone Support Kits (tripod & phone clamp)
Virtual Reality Headsets
  • Shinecon VR Headsets (require your Smartphone)
Lights & Set Equipment
  • Genaray LED-6200T Video Light Kit


non-circulating resources: studios, printers, scanners, etc.

Our non-circulating, or fixed, resources may be used within SCS facilities only and include large, fragile or complex devices. Like the circulating resources, most of these items are bookable via ORBS. However, prompt pickup is required; items not picked-up within 15 minutes of the booking start time will automatically become available to others. (If you are running late, log into ORBS and edit your booking or call SCS.) Staff will collect and hold your TU OneCard until you return the resource. Repeated removal of non-circulating equipment from SCS facilities will result in suspension of borrowing privileges. 

non-circulating resources summary

SCS Studios
  • Studio A (7'x12') for Audio and Small-Scale Video/Photo
  • Studio B (7'x12') for Audio and Small-Scale Video/Photo
  • Studio C (12'x25') for Group and Large-Scale Video/Photo
  • Monoprice MHP-839 Headphones
  • Behringer HPS3000 Headphones
  • Canon LiDE110 Color Flatbed Scanner
  • Epson 3490 Color Flatbed Scanner
  • Epson V700 Photo Scanner
  • QR Code Mats for Qlone 3D Scanning App
Virtual Reality Equipment* (by Appointment)
  • Oculus Rift VR Headset & Controllers
  • HTC Vive VR Headset & Controllers
  • *Currently available by faculty request only
Printers (by Appointment)
  • HP Designjet Z5400 42" Large-Format Inkjet Printer
  • Ultimaker3 3D Printers (Coming January 2019)
Misc Input & Output Devices
  • Blu-ray Disc Burners USB
  • M-Audio Axiom 49 USB/MIDI Keyboard
  • Wacom Intuous4 6"x8" USB Graphics Tablet
  • Kensington USB Trackball


Emerging Technology

3D printing, extended (AR, VR and MR) reality experiences, and complex data processing for 3D  modeling are all examples of emerging technologies that various TU groups are already using, and the Offices of Technology Services (OTS) and Academic Innovation (OAI) are working together to provide the campus with support and access to existing equipment.


To use TU’s equipment for academic and scholarly projects or for training on how to use it, contact the SCS Service Desk.


To use TU’s equipment or for training on how to use it, contact the SCS Service Desk. Faculty can learn how to integrate emerging technology into their courses, get answers to general faculty-specific questions and provide feedback by visiting OAI’s webpage.

Learn more!

Using Multimedia Technologies at TU

Read the article about the TU senior who completed his capstone project using a drone. Get the latest news and learn more about innovations through FreshTech, TU’s emerging technologies blog.


Booking Guidelines

Because we have a limited supply of high-demand resources, OTS Student Computing Services (SCS) cancels bookings that do not adhere to our guidelines. Our goal is to make our resources available to the largest possible number of borrowers and to prevent unfair booking practices. 

  • A client may make only one booking at a time for a particular type of kit. For example, you may not make three back-to-back bookings in order to have a kit for 12 days. On the final day of a booking, you may log into ORBS and renew/extend the booking for up to four additional days, if it's available. If the resource is not available, you must return it on time as agreed to avoid suspension of privileges.
  • A client may book only one kit of a particular type at a time. For example, you may reserve a DSLR camera, a wireless mic, and a tripod for use at the same time; but, you may not reserve two DSLR kits at the same time. Clients who are planning a multi-camera shoot, may request an exception to this rule by emailing   well in advance of their need.

Terms & Conditions

In taking possession of the equipment you request from OTS Student Computing Services, 

  1. You attest that you are a Towson University student, faculty member or staff member and possess a valid TU OneCard identification;  
  2. You agree to take all reasonable steps to safeguard the equipment from damage and theft, to adhere to the SCS guidelines for equipment care and to return the equipment in the same condition you received it; 
  3. You agree to return the equipment and all constituent components on or before the due date and time indicated on your booking confirmation/receipt; 
  4. You acknowledge your understanding that if you do not return the borrowed equipment on time, SCS may deny your borrowing requests in the future; 
  5. You acknowledge your understanding that if you do not return the borrowed equipment within one week of the due date, SCS will consider it a theft and seek assistance from the TU Police Department;
  6. You acknowledge your understanding that if SCS is forced to involve the TU Police in recovering our property, SCS will suspend your booking privileges indefinitely.
  7. You acknowledge your understanding that if SCS is forced to involve the TU Police and you still fail to return our property, SCS will invoice you for the replacement cost of the equipment through the TU Bursar’s office.
  8. You acknowledge your understanding that if you repeatedly book equipment and then fail to pick it up without canceling the booking, SCS may deny your borrowing requests in the future; 
  9. You acknowledge your understanding that Towson University, the Office of Technology Services, and Student Computing Services will not be responsible for file or media loss due to equipment malfunction or misuse; 
  10. You acknowledge your understanding that Student Computing Services routinely deletes all borrower content (i.e., image, audio and video files) from returned equipment and that it is your responsibility to transfer your files to your own computer or storage device before returning equipment. If you leave personal video or audio on a device, it may be viewed by SCS staff or another borrower.

Regarding Late Returns

Another borrower’s delay in returning equipment might prevent you from completing an important assignment or project on time. Your delay in returning equipment will have the same effect on others. Consequently, we regard your due date and time very seriously and ask that you call us immediately (410.704.5151) should an emergency situation prevent you from returning equipment on time.

If a client does not return a resource on time, the booking becomes OVERDUE.

  1. After 30 minutes, the system will send a friendly reminder email.
  2. After 12 hours, the system will send an OVERDUE notice describing the SCS overdue procedures and restating the Guidelines, Terms & Conditions the client agreed to.
  3. After 24 hours, SCS staff will create a TechHelp Service Request (SR) logging the incident. The SR will be used to log telephone and other non-automated communications.
  4. Every 12 hours, the system will send another OVERDUE notice; this will continue for 7 days or until the resource is returned, whichever comes first.
  5. After 2 days of OVERDUE notices, the system will ban the user from making additional bookings* and send a BOOKING PRIVILEGES SUSPENDED email.
  6. After 7 days of OVERDUE notices, SCS will regard the resource as stolen and request TU Police intervention.
  7. If the TU Police are unable to recover the property, SCS will invoice the client for the replacement cost of the resource thorough the TU Bursar’s Office. Like other university fines, an unpaid balance could prevent registration or graduation.

*Suspended users may use lab-based resources (e.g., studios, headphones, etc.), however they may NOT book them in advance. Instead, they may request use at the Gear Desk and SCS staff will make the booking on their behalf. Suspended users may not under any circumstance borrow circulating resources (e.g., camera kits, tripods, etc.) without express permission from an SCS professional staff member.

SCS reserves the right to suspend the long-term borrowing privileges of users who do not adhere to our Guidelines, Terms & Conditions. The point of suspensions is to remove less responsible users from the borrowing pool to reduce their impact on more responsible users.

When a user returns equipment late, we assign them 1 demerit per day, per item. When the user accumulates 6 demerits, we suspend their borrowing privileges for 2 months. The suspension is enacted via a system ban; this means that the user will not be able to book circulating equipment OR lab-based resources for the ban period.

Regarding Abandoned Bookings

When you make a booking, the equipment is held for you. No one else can reserve it. In the past, if you didn’t pick it up—in other words, you abandoned the booking—it would remain unavailable to others, nevertheless. With the adoption of ORBS, we now automatically free-up bookings that have been abandoned. When you make a booking, you designate a pick-up time:

  • For circulating equipment, if you haven’t reported to SCS to pick-up the resource within one hour of that time, the booking will automatically cancel.
  • For non-circulating resources (e.g., studios), if you haven’t reported to SCS to pick-up the resource within 15 minutes of that time, the booking will automatically cancel.


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