Recommended Software for Students

Many software titles are available to TU students for free or at a discounted cost, and SCS offers installation assistance when needed.

Most students find these applications vital for learning, communicating and completing assignments, either while on-campus or virtually. New and returning students should consider installing these apps now to make sure they're ready for when you need to use them.

Your area of study may require additional software, but nearly all Tigers rely on these apps. If you have questions about major-specific software, ask your professor. If you need help, contact OTS Student Computing Services.

Highly Recommended

  • Blackboard Mobile App (KB article): on-the-go access to your crucial Blackboard course content and tools.  
  • Microsoft 365: download Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote and get massive OneDrive cloud storage.  
  • Webex Meetings: host web-based meetings to collaborate and share webcam video, documents, desktops and chat. 
  • Zoom: host web-based meetings to collaborate and share webcam video, documents, desktops and chat. 
  • wēpa Cloud Printing: print from your USB drive, email, computer or smart phone to any of the 25 wēpa Print Stations.  
  • Virus & Malware Protection: protect your files and the TU network from viruses and other malware.

Consider Also

  • Virtual Workspace: access the TU desktop and published applications such as SPSS and ArcGIS, remotely via your web browser. Log in and install the Microsoft Remote Desktop App for the best possible performance.  
  • Safer Mobility: protect yourself against crime using mobile escort, and video chat with or silently message campus police.  
  • TU Tiger Ride Apps: track campus shuttles in real time. 

Towson University Software 

See university site-licensed software for students, faculty and staff.


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