NetID Management

These self-help tools allow for management of your NetID, as well as a few other NetID services.

Students, faculty, staff members, retirees, faculty emeriti, and certain guests each use a NetID, which is the core computing account providing access to a variety of computing services

Student NetID Tools

The tools below are available to students and UB/TU MBA students. Contact Student Computing Services for additional assistance.

Faculty/Staff NetID Tools

The tools below are available to faculty, staff, retirees, and faculty emeriti. Contact the Faculty/Staff Help Center for additional assistance.

Manage your NetID, password or sponsored groups:

  • Change Your Password
  • Change Your Password Remotely on a TU laptop (Windows) using these steps:

    1. Login to the password tool and change your password.
    2. Login to the Virtual Private Network (PDF), with your new password. Keep the connection open during the next step. Most TU laptops have VPN software installed; if not, find it in Software Center (PDF) for Windows and Self Service for macOS. 
    3. Lock and unlock the laptop using the new password (Windows+L) or (CTRL+ALT+DELETE and click lock). Password should now be updated. You can disconnect your VPN client if you don’t need it.

    Not doing these steps remotely will require you to use the old password to log into a TU laptop and the new password to access TU resources. If you’ve already successfully changed your password and need to update your laptop, complete steps 2 and 3.

  • Reset a Forgotten or Expired Password
  • Set a New Security Question and Answer
  • Activate Your New NetID (for individuals who have not yet activated their NetID)
  • My NetID Info (view basic information about any NetID)
  • Manage Sponsored Group Membership (for individuals who are responsible for maintaining a group)
  • Retiree NetID Renewal (for retirees and faculty emeriti who receive an email reminder to renew their NetID annually)

Manage your Duo Multi-Factor Authentication devices and passcodes:

Guest NetID Tools

The tools below are intended for Guest NetIDs or their faculty/staff sponsors:

Campus IT Staff Tools

The tools below are for Server Admin NetID holders and for campus IT staff: