Information Security & Privacy

The Office of Information Security and Privacy (OISP) manages security policies and compliance, protects information assets, creates security awareness and investigates university cybersecurity incidents.

OISP in the Office of Technology Services (OTS) plays a vital role in ensuring that your computing experience at Towson University is as safe as possible. To do this, OISP is constantly working to prevent phishing scams and the spread of viruses, fend off hackers and perform other behind the scenes security tasks.

Shared Responsibility

Taking the time and responsibility to keep your computer safe and to protect your personal information is a shared priority during your time here at Towson University. Explore the Office of Information Security and Privacy’s web pages for essential tools and tips to help better secure your computer, personally identifiable information (PII) and data.


OISP provides guidance on how to identify and address phishingspam, and virus and malware.


To create security awareness, OISP provides resources to help you stay safe online. Learn how to protect your password informationmobile devices, and personal data.


Respect and consider copyright awareness resources when accessing the various university computer systems and creating intellectual property.  

Guidelines for securely hosting online meetings

General online meetings

Follow the Webex (PDF) and Zoom (PDF) security guidelines, which include including specifics for hosting meetings, and settings to consider before, when scheduling, and during meetings.

Confidential/sensitive online meetings

  • Follow the above security guidelines. 
  • Be extra diligent about protecting TU confidential data.
  • Understand TU's definition and classifications of confidential data.  
  • Ensure the meeting is password protected, which requires participants to enter a password to join.
  • Confirm meeting topics or calendar invites do not include any sensitive information.
  • Make sure sensitive meetings are not recorded. Instructional meetings may be recorded with prior consent. See the Instructional Lecture Capture Guidelines & Release Forms section on this page.



Faculty and staff who intend to use instructional lecture capture resources supported by Towson University are to adhere to the Instructional Lecture Capture Guidelines to ensure the FERPA regulations are not violated.

Release Form

If a faculty/staff member intends to reuse recordings where the image, voice or materials of students are captured, the Instructional Lecture Capture Release Form must be used. *Be sure to read the guidelines (above) first.