Report a Cybersecurity Incident

By reporting a cybersecurity incident, you can help the Office of Information Security (OIS) protect Towson University.

What is a cybersecurity incident?

A cybersecurity incident is defined as a violation of Towson University's OTS Policies. Common violations of these policies include:

When to report a cybersecurity incident

OIS would like to know if you suspect that:

  • Your university-owned computer becomes infected
  • You received a phishing email
  • Someone else has fraudulently accessed your account

How to report an incident

Cybersecurity incidents

Submit a TechHelp service request with this info:

  • Your name and NetID 
  • Date and time you first noticed the suspicious activity
  • Computer name (e.g. "Johns-PC")
  • Operating System (e.g. Windows 8, Mac OS X 10.10)
  • Brief description of the incident - did you download something? Did you download a file from a USB flash drive? Has someone else been sending emails from your account? 

Financial Identity Theft at TU

To report a financial red flag or the suspected identity theft of a TU customer, complete and submit the Identity Theft Incident Report.

Get an infected computer cleaned

The Office of Information Security does not clean your computer. To have your computer cleaned, contact: