Employee Assistance Program

Towson University's employee assistance program, Guidance Resources, offers someone to talk to and resources to consult whenever and wherever you need them. Your Guidance Resources benefits will give you and your dependents confidential support, resources and information for personal and work-life issues. These services are provided at no charge to you.

Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

There are two ways to access your 24/7 support, resources & information:

  1. Call 855-410-7628. You’ll speak to a counseling professional who will listen to your concerns and can guide you to the appropriate services you require.
  2. Visit Guidance Resources online.

guidance resources online

  • First time users: select Register and enter our Organization Web ID: USMEAP; select Towson and follow the prompts to create your User Name and Password to login.
  • Returning users: select Login, and enter your User Name and Password.
  • You will be directed to GuidanceResources Online to select the information and services you need.
  • For problems registering or logging in, please contact Member Services at memberservices@compsych.com for assistance.

Your Guidance Resources services are strictly confidential. View the HIPAA privacy notice for more information.

Employee Assistance Program FAQ's

What is the Employee Assistance Program?
The EAP is provided by ComPsych® GuidanceResources and offers counseling, legal and financial consultation, work-life assistance and crisis intervention services to employees and their dependents free of charge.

Why provide an EAP?
The EAP offers counseling, guidance and tools for emotional, financial, legal and other issues. Helping employees and their dependents ensures that these issues don’t spill over into the workplace and harm productivity or morale.

Is the service confidential?
Yes, the EAP is strictly confidential. No information about participation in the program is provided to the employer.

Why might you or your dependents use the services of the EAP?
There are many reasons for employees to take advantage of these services, including when they:

  • Are feeling overwhelmed by balancing work and family
  • Are experiencing stress, anxiety or depression
  • Are dealing with grief and loss
  • Need assistance with child or elder care
  • Have legal or financial questions
  • Have concerns about substance abuse for themselves or a dependent

What happens when employees call the EAP?
When employees call, they have:

  • 24 hour access to an EAP clinician with a Master’s Degree in social work or psychology. Based on assessment, the clinician can refer to a local counselor in employee’s area.
  • Up to 5 free face-to face therapy sessions, per problem, per year (year starts from first call).
  • No maximum on issues for counseling; continuously given up to 5 sessions per problem, per year.
  • If issue requires more sessions or is an ongoing issue, transitions to employees medical or mental health insurance for long term counseling.
  • Services available to employee and family members.

Can employees’ children use the EAP?
Yes. The EAP is a confidential benefit for employees and their household family members.

Why should managers use the EAP?
The EAP is a referral resource when an employee expresses concerns over or suffers performance problems due to a personal issue. As a manager, it is not your job to be a professional counselor or best friend. The EAP can handle that for you.

Under what circumstances might a manager refer an employee to the EAP?
All employees can experience personal difficulties that can impact their performance at work. As a manager, you can suggest the EAP to an employee as a confidential resource provided at no charge. In situations where a supervisory referral to an EAP may be warranted, contact your HR Partner for more information on services available.