Academic Affairs Policies

Contains policies and procedures relating to academic issues, including but not limited to, topics in the Faculty Handbook such as classroom interactions, syllabi, and grading, and other issues such as academic program development. 

Academic Affairs

Student Academic Integrity - TU Policy: 03-01.00
Allegations of Scholary Misconduct Policy by Faculty and Staff - TU Policy: 03-01.10 
Procedures on Conflict of Interest in Research or Development - TU Policy: 03-01.11
Review of Alleged Arbitrary and Capricious Grading - USM Policy: III-1.20
Credit for Competency-Based Education and Prior Learning - TU Policy: 03-01.41
Continuing Education - USM Policy: III-2.00
Summer and Special Sessions  - USM Policy: III-2.10

View USM Policy: III-2.10: Summer and Special Sessions


Additional Information:

Academic Terminology

Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Programs - USM Policy: III-2.20
Eligibility to Register - USM Policy: III-2.30
Undergraduate Student Concurrent Inter-Institutional Registration - USM Policy: III-2.40
Graduate Student Inter-Institutional Registration - USM Policy: III-2.41
Academic Advising - USM Policy: III-2.50

View USM Policy: III-2.50: Academic Advising




Awarding of Honorary Degrees - USM Policy: III-3.00

View USM Policy: III-3.00: Awarding of Honorary Degrees (Download PDF)


Related Procedures:

Honorary Degree Procedures

Undergraduate Admissions - USM Policy: III-4.00
Enrollment - USM Policy: III-4.10

View USM Policy: III-4.10: Enrollment (Download PDF)

Academic Calendar - USM Policy: III-5.00
Scheduling of Academic Assignments on Dates of Religious Observance - USM Policy: III-5.10
Academic Transcripts and Financial Aid Records - USM Policy: III-6.00
Numbering of Academic Courses - USM Policy: III-6.10

View USM Policy: III-6.10: Numbering of Academic Courses (Download PDF)



Academic Terminology

Grading Symbol Identification - USM Policy: III-6.20
Policy and Procedures on the Disclosure of Student Education Records - TU Policy: 03-06.30
Classification of Undergraduate Students - USM Policy: III-6.40
Curricular and Degree Requirements - USM Policy: III-7.00
Review and Approval of New Academic Programs that do not Require New Resources - USM Policy: III-7.01
Review and Abolition of Existing Academic Programs - USM Policy: III-7.02
Creation/Development by University System of Maryland Institutions of Schools or Colleges - USM Policy: III-7.05
Graduate Education - USM Policy: III-7.10

View USM Policy: III-7.10: Graduate Education

Graduate Assistantship - USM Policy: III-7.11

View USM Policy: III-7.11: Graduate Assistantship (Download PDF)



Graduate Assistantship Handbook (PDF) 

Undergraduate General Education Transferability Between USM Institutions - USM Policy: III-7.20
Awarding of Posthumous Degrees - USM Policy: III-7.30

View USM Policy: III-7.30: Awarding of Posthumous Degrees (Download PDF)

Admission of First-Time Freshman in the Spring Admits Semester - USM Policy: III-8.00
Alternative Means of Earning Academic Degree Credit - USM Policy: III-8.01
Standard Credit Requirements for Baccalaureate Degree Programs - USM Policy: III-8.02
Textbook Affordability - TU Policy: 03-10.00
Sale to Students of Instructional Materials from which a Faculty Member May Earn Monetary Gain - TU Policy: 03-10.01
Academic Department Chairpersons' Roles and Responsibilities - TU Policy: 03-11.00
Employment-Based Non-Immigrant and Immigrant Visa Procedures - TU Policy: 03-12.00
Involuntary Withdrawal - TU Policy: 03-14.00