General Administration Policies

Contains policies and procedures relating to the general administration of the university, including but not limited to, issues such as emergency conditions, records management, parking and traffic, space planning and use, maintenance and environmental health. 

General Administration  

Prohibiting Discrimination on the Basis of Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity or Expression - TU Policy: 06-01.05  
Threats and Violence - TU Policy: 06-01.10  
Weapons Prohibited - TU Policy: 06-01.11  
Reporting of Hate Crimes and Bias Incidents - TU Policy: 06-01.20  
Chosen and Preferred Names - 06-01.30  
Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect - TU Policy: 06-01.50  
Naming of Facilities and Academic Programs - TU Policy 06-04.00  
Memorial Policy and Guidelines (Memorial Garden) - TU Policy: 06-04.02  

View USM Policy: 06-04.02 Memorial Policy and Guidelines (PDF) 



Commemorative Garden

Space Committee - TU Policy: 06-04.05  

View TU Policy: 06-04.05 Space Committee (PDF) 

Disclosure of Public Records - TU Policy: 06-05.00  
Records Management - TU Policy: 06-06.10  

View TU Policy: 06-06-10 Records Management Policy


Campus Ministries - TU Policy: 06-07.00  
Alcohol - Non-Student Groups and Events - TU Policy: 06-08.00  
Institutional Traffic Regulations - TU Policy: 06-09.00  
Parking - TU Policy: 06-09.01  

View TU Policy: 06-09.01 Parking Policy (PDF) 



Parking & Transportation Services Webpage

Tailgating Policy and Procedures - TU Policy: 06-09.02  
University Policies and Procedures TU Policy: 06-10.00  

View TU Policy: 06-10.00 University Policies and Procedures (PDF) 



University Policies

Occupational Exposure to Bloodbourne Pathogens - TU Policy: 06-11.01  
Emergency Conditions: Cancellation of Classes and Release of Employees - USM Policy: VI-12.00  
Building Coordinators, University - TU Policy: 06-13.00  
Smoke Free Campus - TU Policy: 06-14.00  
Identity Theft - TU Policy: 06-15.00  

View TU Policy: 06-15.00 Identity Theft Policy (PDF) 



Mobile Security Webpage

Volunteer - TU Policy: 06-16.00  

View TU Policy: 06-16.00 Volunteer Policy (PDF)



Volunteer Opportunities

Find Volunteers & Interns

Key Control and Card Access - TU Policy: 06-17.00  
Animals On Campus - TU Policy: 06-18.00  
Reasonable Accommodations to Individuals with Disabilities - TU Policy: 06-21.00  
Protection of Minors in University Programs and Activities - TU Policy: 06-22.00  

View TU Policy: Protection of Minors (PDF)


Minors on Campus FAQs

Website Advertising - TU Policy: 06-23.00