Mobile Security

Security for mobile devices is just as important as security for your laptop or desktop. In fact, it may be more important - if you use apps for banking, networking, personal email, etc., you are granting access to your personal information.

Protect yourself and your devices

Install Security Patches

Security updates are released by software companies fix, or “patch,” a bug or security vulnerability within a program. The Office of Information Security recommends installing the latest security patches to your personal devices as soon as your provider makes them available.

Recommended Settings for your Mobile Device

  • Use a password to lock your screen. Lock screen passwords vary from facial recognition to customized patterns to PIN numbers. The Office of Technology Services (OTS) recommends using a PIN or pattern.
  • Use anti-virus software. Certain malware targets mobile devices. The best way to combat mobile malware is to use an anti-virus application. Check out OTS anti-virus software options.
  • Utilize remote management software. For Apple users, familiarize yourself with the Find my iPhone app. For Android users, register for the Android Device Manager or other remote wiping software.

For Students

If Your Mobile Device Is Lost or Stolen

For Faculty and Staff

Accessing Your TU Email From A Mobile Device

For Towson University employees accessing their work email, including those with university-owned phones, a security policy is pushed to your phones automatically.

The policy is designed to help protect confidential and sensitive information by requiring you to set a passcode (also referred to as a PIN code) on your mobile device if you want to use Towson University email in Office 365. Once you add your Towson email to your mobile device (personally-owned or university-owned) your device will prompt you to set a passcode.  If you are enrolled in Duo Multi-Factor Authentication, you may also receive a Duo authentication prompt periodically.

Without the passcode, a lost or stolen phone or tablet could easily create exposure or identity theft for you or the university.

If Your Mobile Device Is Lost or Stolen

You can remotely wipe your mobile device using Outlook Web App (OWA), the same web application used to check your TU email. If you have a TU-owned device, contact the OTS Faculty/Staff Help Center.

If you have a university-owned device, you should report the device as lost or stolen to the Towson University Police Department