Find Volunteers & Interns

Towson University can help you find student volunteers. The university’s community service website is a resource not only for students, but also faculty, staff and community partners that seek Towson University volunteers.

TU Community Service

Towson University supports the Greater Baltimore region in finding student volunteers. We assist community partners by advertising volunteer opportunities in a number of ways:

If you are interested in finding student volunteers, please assist us by providing ample time to communicate your needs. For best results we request that information is given one month in advance. Listed below are the different kinds of volunteer opportunities TU students are engaged in:

Special Event Volunteers

Special event volunteers are designated for community partners/agencies that seek short term (less than 14 calendar days) assistance for events that require a specific number of volunteers each day. While the roles of the volunteers may remain consistent, the volunteers may change from day to day based on availability. Some examples include: town festival, setup/breakdown crew and race/walk volunteers.

Regular Volunteers

Regular volunteers are designated for community partners/agencies that seek assistance during specific days and times of the week and are open to all volunteers. Some examples would include: After School Tutoring, Boys and Girls Club, the Maryland Food Bank, and shelters.

Long Term Volunteers

Long term volunteers are designated for community partners/agencies that seek assistance for longer than 14 calendar days. Community partners/agencies and volunteers benefit each other by developing a partnership where the same volunteer returns to provide service.

For more information or questions about volunteers, contact the Office of Civic Engagement & Social Responsibility, ,  or phone 410-704-2806.


Hundreds of Towson University students work as interns in the local community each semester. If you are interested in finding a TU student intern for your business, non profit or government agency, please review the following resources:

Career Center

The Career Center at Towson University assists employers with finding student interns throughout the year, including fall and spring semesters as well as winter and summer terms. Through job fairs, on-campus recruiting and one on one relationships, the Career Center is able to help local and regional employers find outstanding student interns.

Hire @ TU

Handshake is a free online database system that allows employers to post internship positions and connect with Towson University students. Handshake assists employers in placing hundreds of interns each year.

External Graduate Assistantship

Unlike the conventional hiring process, TU's External Graduate Assistantship (EGA) Program is a simple and cost effective way to hire experienced technical staff. Through this innovative program, a company contracts with TU for the services of our graduate students for up to 20 hours per week, for a choice of time periods (5, 10, or 12 months). Although students are TU "employees" they work at the company site under your direction on company specific projects.

Short-Term Employment Opportunities

Post local and temporary work opportunities.