Posting Short-Term Opportunities


TU is excited to announce it has just partnered with Parker Dewey, the largest freelance platform connecting college students to companies large and small for immediate short-term paid jobs and projects—completed virtually.


Parker Dewey FAQs

Parker Dewey is a platform and marketplace provider connecting companies, students and careers through small needed work projects—all through virtual means.

Virtual Micro-Internships are quickly becoming an effective new way of hiring. Essentially, Micro-Internships are short-term paid projects ($100-500, completed in a week to a month, no more) that are easy for employers to implement and attractive for students to complete while attending classes.

It’s easy—and fee-free. Employers (from corporations to small businesses) simply open a Parker Dewey account (no cost) and begin posting needed short term work. You may structure a project to have work competed over a range of 5 to 40 hours a week for no more than one month.  Parker Dewey provides easy-to-follow guidance to get you started, including many examples of the types of micro-internships others have offered.

Everyone does: You, as an employer, build a student network of talent while getting needed work done.  Students get useful exposure to your industry, company, staff and opportunities.  Universities assist students with a quickly growing new resource for essential experiential learning.  And for these services, Parker Dewey retains only 10% of the project payment to cover its services and help build growth in offerings to benefit all going forward.


Local and Temporary Work Opportunities

QuadJobs logo


An online platform that promotes pre-professional local temporary work opportunities for college students. In response to current conditions, remote opportunities are now available and growing!

Download the QuadJobs App (iOS)
  • Visit QuadJobs to create an account.
  • New to QuadJobs? Refer to the QuadJobs Employer How-To Guide below.

Your first job is on us! Use the following codes for a free job posting:

  • gotigers = free $7 job post
  • towsonfaculty = free household subscription for faculty and staff
  • towsonalum = free $7 post for alums

If you are a business or organization looking to post a traditional internship or job, please reference our Posting Jobs and Internships page.

You might also consider posting a classified ad in The Towerlight, Towson University’s student newspaper. All job postings must pay at least minimum wage.

QuadJobs Employer How-To Guide

To sign up as an employer, go to QuadJobs and hover over the “Sign Up” button on the home page. Select either “Household” or “Business” to indicate the use for the account. Next, enter your email address and zip code. On the next page you’ll enter some basic information about yourself to create your profile. Please note that your address is used for billing and to match students to your job. This is not shown to students as they will only see your city and state. The student will see your complete address once they are awarded a job.

To post a job, click the “Post a Job” button on your home page or the thumbtack icon at the top of the screen. Select the job location (remote means the job can be done from anywhere in the country and will be seen by students nationwide) and thoroughly enter all details of the job in the boxes provided. The more details you provide about the job, the better! The last thing you’ll do on this page is set the expiration date for the job, which is when the job will no longer be visible to students and it will move to your History.

Next, you’ll be brought to the payment page where you’ll select either the one-time $7 guest post, a $35 annual subscription (for households only), OR the $95 annual business subscription. Then you’ll enter your promo code (if you have one) in the appropriate box and enter your payment information. When you use a promo code for a free post, you need to enter your card information as a security measure required by our system. Click “Post Job” and your job will immediately reach students within a 50 mile radius (or nationwide if the job is remote).

You will receive email notifications each time a student applies to your job. You then can review your applicants' profiles which act like resumes. To view your applicants, login, click “Applicants” under your job, and select “View Profile” under the student you want to learn more about. You then have the option of contacting the student(s) you are interested in interviewing or hiring for the job. Once you’ve chosen a student to hire, you’ll award the job to the student on the site by navigating to that student’s profile and clicking the “Award Job” button.

After the job has been awarded, the employer is able to leave a rating and a review for the student – this step is critical as it helps the student land more jobs in the future. Login, go to “History,” then “Find the Job,” and click “Give Feedback.” You’ll then give the student a rating from 1-4. Enter the approximate number of hours they worked for you and write a brief and honest review. Click “Submit” when you’re finished.

*QuadJobs is an external site. It is not hosted or managed by Towson University.