Posting Short-Term Opportunities


TU is excited to announce it has just partnered with Parker Dewey, the largest freelance platform connecting college students to companies large and small for immediate short-term paid jobs and projects—completed virtually.


Parker Dewey FAQs

Parker Dewey is a platform and marketplace provider connecting companies, students and careers through small needed work projects—all through virtual means.

Virtual Micro-Internships are quickly becoming an effective new way of hiring. Essentially, Micro-Internships are short-term paid projects ($100-500, completed in a week to a month, no more) that are easy for employers to implement and attractive for students to complete while attending classes.

It’s easy—and fee-free. Employers (from corporations to small businesses) simply open a Parker Dewey account (no cost) and begin posting needed short term work. You may structure a project to have work competed over a range of 5 to 40 hours a week for no more than one month.  Parker Dewey provides easy-to-follow guidance to get you started, including many examples of the types of micro-internships others have offered.

Everyone does: You, as an employer, build a student network of talent while getting needed work done.  Students get useful exposure to your industry, company, staff and opportunities.  Universities assist students with a quickly growing new resource for essential experiential learning.  And for these services, Parker Dewey retains only 10% of the project payment to cover its services and help build growth in offerings to benefit all going forward.


Local and Temporary Work Opportunities

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An online platform that promotes pre-professional local temporary work opportunities for college students. In response to current conditions, remote opportunities are now available and growing!

Download the QuadJobs App (iOS)

Employers post a job on the QuadJobs app after creating an account — a process that takes less than two minutes. After logging in, employers write a job description of the job they are offering, including the preferred start date, hours needed, and skills required. They may include how much the job will pay in this description.

The post is sent out to students who match the employer's criteria. The employer hears back from students who are interested in the job. The employer reviews the student's profiles and decides whom they would like to interview or hire. Once an employer makes a hiring decision, they award the student the job through the app.

It is free to post on the app and employers pay $2 to unlock a student’s contact information.

Questions? Visit QuadJobs FAQs for additional information.

*QuadJobs is an external site. It is not hosted or managed by Towson University.

If you are a business or organization looking to post a traditional internship or job, please reference our Posting Jobs and Internships page.