On-Campus Recruiting

The following section contains everything you need to know about the On-Campus Recruiting Program at Towson University.

Diverse group of Towson students standing behind the Towson University sign
TU students are eager to take advantage of opportunities available to them on campus, like the On-Campus Recruiting Program.

On-Campus Recruiting Program (OCR) – Policy and Procedures

The OCR program consists of a systematic interview scheduling process using our web-based system, Handshake. It is designed to effectively connect employers with eligible candidates to interview for professional full-time job* and internship opportunities. The program runs from late September through November and late February through April.


  • All on-campus interviews should be scheduled through Handshake. 
  • Creating your own on-campus interview schedule is allowed if it is pre-approved by the Recruitment Coordinator.
  • If four or more students sign up for interview slots, please do not cancel the interview.  However, if you must cancel, please contact the Recruitment Specialist, within 48 hours to allow time to contact the students. Please provide us with a reason to share with the students regarding the cancellation, and if possible, provide an alternative way to meet with the students. It is recommended that you also reach out to students. 


  • Please post your position(s) prior to requesting an interview schedule.

  • To post your position, Log in to your Handshake account
  • Click on “Post a Job” on your account dashboard
  • Fill out the required information clicking “Next” at the bottom of the page to advance each tab
  • On the “Schools” tab, you will have the opportunity to distribute your job posting to one or more universities. Select Towson University to post the position to Towson students and alumni.
  • Log in to Handshake. Select Interviews on the left side navigation bar.

  • Select Request Interview Schedule in the upper right corner of the page.

  • Fill out required fields.

  • Once you are finished, click on Request Interview Schedule.

  • You will be notified by email that your schedule has been posted. Please review the schedule to make sure that it is correct. If you decide that changes need to be made to your schedule, please contact Recruitment Specialist. Change requests to the schedule should be made prior to students signing up for timeslots to eliminate complications. Once approved, students can view it and apply online through Handshake.

Application Process

View candidates who have applied:

  • Log in to your Handshake account. Click Interviews on the left side navigation bar
  • Click on the name of the interview you’d like to view applicants for. You’ll be taken to the interview’s details page.
  • Select Review Applicants to be taken to the Applicants overview page.

Make decisions on applicants:

  • Log in to your Handshake account. Click on Interviews on the left side navigation bar.
  • Click on the name of the interview you’d like to view applicants for. You’ll be taken to the interview’s details page.
  • Select Review Applicants to be taken to the Applicants overview page.
  • Click Make Alternate or Make Primary next to the student’s name. Students selected for an interview will then receive notification to sign up for an interview time.
  • To take action on multiple applicants at the same time:
  • First check the box next to each of the applicants you’d like to take action on. (To check all of the applicants, check the Student box at the top of the list).
  • Next click the Bulk Actions on All Results button to display the actions you can take.
  • Decline Applicants: Decline these candidates for position
  • Mark Applicants as Primary: Select the candidates as primary candidates
  • Mark Applicants as Alternates: Select the candidates as alternates

How to view a schedule once students have signed up for interview slots:

  • Log in to your Handshake account. Click on Interviews on the left side navigation bar.
  • Click on the name of the interview you’d like to view. You’ll be taken to the interview’s details page.

More information on requesting an interview schedule can found on Handshake’s Support Page.

*A professional position is one that requires a degree (Associates, Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate) or some college training, or one that provides opportunities for advancement to a position that requires a degree such as an internship.

Employer Information Sessions

Information sessions, typically held in conjunction with an on-campus recruiting interview date, are offered in the fall and spring to employers interested in connecting with TU students to recruit for full-time job and internship opportunities. To learn more about this free, convenient service or to set up a session, please contact the Recruitment Coordinator.

Employer Information Table

Tabling is back this fall, providing another opportunity to connect with TU students. A limited number of tabling dates are available in the University Union and in the West Village Commons.

Request an Employer Information Table.

Employer Mock Interview Program

The employer mock interview program continues to be a popular service offered to TU students. This is a great opportunity for employers to meet students and provide valuable feedback for their success. Several virtual and one in-person dates are available.

Register for the Employer Mock Interview Program.

On-Campus Recruitment FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

The interviews are held on campus in the Career Center, 7800 York Road, Suite 206.

You will receive an email with parking directions and a parking code. If you misplace your parking code, please contact the Recruitment Coordinator.


Visitor parking is located in the parking lot adjacent to the Administration building, 7720 York Road (one building south of the Career Center on York Road). Enter the parking lot from Cross Campus Drive; make an immediate left and another left. This will put you in the visitor parking area (a yellow pay station is located at the entrance to the parking lot).

  • Please park your car in a reserved visitor space, walk to the pay station to print coupon located in the lot.
  • Enter your parking code previously emailed to you from the Career Center, follow the prompts (departmental guest) and place permit on the dash of the car.
  • We encourage you to car pool since space is limited and a limited number of coupons can be issued per organization. Additional coupons may be purchased at the pay station at your expense.
  • Each coupon is valid for one use only, however, if you require additional coupon numbers please contact the .

The Career Center location:

  • 7800 York Road – Suite 206, 2nd floor, one building north of the Administration building where you will park. Please use the crosswalk on Cross Campus Drive; then follow the pedestrian bridge through the Glen Parking Garage which is adjacent to our building.
  • Once inside the building, descend one level to the 2nd floor and proceed to the end of the hallway.

If you have any questions regarding parking, please call the Recruitment Coordinator.

Please park in visitor’s parking to avoid a $75 ticket or possible towing. Parking is strictly enforced on campus and the Career Center cannot be responsible for illegal parking. Thank you.

The Career Center will have bottled water available for on-campus recruiters. If you would like to pick up coffee, tea or breakfast, or if you are planning your lunch schedule, the following cafes are recommended:

  • Starbuck’s: Located at the corner of W. Burke Avenue and York Road just north of Towson University – Drive-thru is available.
  • 7720 Café: Located on the first floor of the Administration Building adjacent to visitor parking – breakfast and lunch served.