Faculty Policies

Contains policies and procedures relating to faculty, including but not limited to, topics in the Faculty Handbook such as faculty ranks, workload, re-appointment, and promotion and tenure. 


Concurrent Faculty and Administrative Appointments - USM Policy: II-1.03
Procedures for Appeals to the University System of Maryland Board of Regents of Decisions to Terminate Tenured or Tenure-Track Faculty Members - USM Policy: II-1.04
Employment of Lecturers - TU Policy: 02-01.05
Employment of Full-Time, Non-Tenure Track Instructional Faculty in the University System of Maryland - USM Policy: II-1.05
Employment of Part-Time, Non-Tenure Track Instructional Faculty in the University System of Maryland - USM Policy: II-1.06
Employment of Adjunct Faculty - TU Policy: 02-01.07
Clinical Faculty Evaluations, Reappointment, Promotion and Merit - TU Policy: 02-01.08
Part-Time Tenure-Track and Part-Time Tenured Faculty - TU Policy: 02-01.10
Compensation for Faculty - USM Policy: II-1.21

View USM Policy: II-1.21: Compensation for Faculty (Download PDF)

Faculty Workload and Responsibilities  - USM Policy: II-1.25
Regents Professorship - USM Policy: II-1.30

View USM Policy: II-1.30: Regents Professorship

Sabbatical Leave - TU Policy: 02-02.00
Professional and/or Research Leave for Faculty Members Engaged Exclusively or Primarily in Library Services -  USM Policy: II-2.01
Transitional Terminal Leave for Faculty - TU Policy: 02-02.10
Leave Without Pay for Faculty - TU Policy: 02-02.20
Parental Leave - USM Policy: II-2.25

View USM Policy: II-2.25: Parental Leave (Download PDF)

Sick Leave for Faculty Members - USM Policy: II-2.30

View USM Policy: II.2.30: Sick Leave for Faculty Members (Download PDF)

Family and Medical Leave for Faculty - USM Policy: II-2.31
Accident Leave for Faculty -  USM Policy: II-2.32

View USM Policy: II-2.32: Accident Leave for Faculty (Download PDF)

Annual Leave for Faculty - USM Policy: II-2.40
Jury Service for Faculty Member - USM Policy: II-2.50

 View Related TU Policy: II-2.50: Jury Service for Faculty Member

Institutional Base Salary for Full-Time Faculty - TU Policy: 02-03.11
Outside Employment, Outside Professional Services, Outside Teaching, and Offload/Overload Teaching by Full-Time Faculty - TU Policy: 02-03.20
Responsibilities and Procedures of the Faculty Grievance and Mediation Committee and the Faculty Hearing Committee - TU Policy: 02-04.00
Named Chairs and Professorships - TU Policy 02-05.00
Faculty Retrenchment - USM Policy: II-8.00