Academic Workshops

Academic success workshops are offered each week during the fall and spring terms at Towson University in Northeastern Maryland.

Workshop in Learning Commons

The TU in Northeastern Maryland Academic Support Coordinator is also available for one-on-one appointments in the event that a student is unable to attend a workshop at the scheduled time or would prefer a private appointment.

Workshop Schedule 

All workshops during the fall 2021 semester will take place in Room 212 at TUNE on Tuesdays from 1:00-1:30. 

Tuesday, Sept. 7 Career Planning
Map out the milestones you should be meeting in your junior and senior years to be ready for the job hunt before graduation! We will discuss resources provided by TU's Career Center that can help you on this journey!
Tuesday, Sept. 21 APA 7 Style Guidelines Is APA style new to you? Or maybe you're just a little rusty? We'll cover the 3 main areas of APA to master: manuscript formatting, in-text citations, and the references list.
Tuesday, Sept. 28 Succeeding in Online Classes Have an online class that's turning out to be a challenge? We'll discuss common stumbling blocks in the remote environment and techniques to overcome them.
Tuesday, Oct. 5 Time Management Managing time well is a foundational life skill critical for academic success that extends beyond the classroom. Regain control of your schedule this semester as we discuss how to overcome procrastination, block out your schedule, and get the most out of study hours.
Tuesday, Oct. 12 Top Grammar Mistakes in College Getting points marked off on your papers for grammar? We'll review some of the most common mistakes at the college level including comma splices, misplaced modifiers, punctuation issues, and more.
Tuesday, Oct. 19 Using Cook Library Resources for Research Not sure where to start? Learn about the handy research guides prepared by Cook librarians as well as how to formulate an effective database search to find the books and articles you need for your next research paper.
Tuesday, Oct. 26 Evaluating Sources As it becomes easier to create and share information online, it is also becoming increasingly difficult to tell what is and isn't appropriate for research assignments. This workshop focuses on the difference between popular, scholarly, and trade sources as well as how to quickly filter these results in Cook’s OneSearch. 
Tuesday, Nov. 2  Notetaking Strategies Could your notes use a makeover? Learn about various notetaking strategies including mind mapping, the Cornell Method, and more.
Tuesday, Nov. 9 Resumes Whether you already have a resume or are starting from scratch, this workshop covers the best practices that will help you to get noticed by employers.
Tuesday, Nov. 16 APA Refresher Feel like you need to brush up on your APA skills before submitting your final papers? Let's review the guidelines for formatting, in-text citations, and references.
Tuesday, Nov. 30 Study Tips Study smarter, not harder, for your finals! This workshop covers strategies for multiple test formats including multiple choice, short answer, and essay questions.
Tuesday, Dec. 7 Test Anxiety Don't stress about finals! Let’s discuss techniques to beat anxiety and stay focused while taking tests.