Academic Resources

Students may contact the Academic Support Coordinator directly to make an appointment for library services, research assistance, writing support, academic coaching, workshops, and more. 


Staff Profile
Michelle Bowman, Academic Support Coordinator

Michelle Bowman

Academic Support Coordinator

Office: TU in Northeastern Maryland, Suite 202


Library Services

Official library hours at TU in Northeastern Maryland match the Academic Support Coordinator’s office hours.  Please visit the top of this Web page for a listing of current hours and contact information. 

For details about the services offered at the TU in Northeastern Maryland location, please visit For TU in Northeastern Maryland Students on the Albert S. Cook Library website or contact the Academic Support Coordinator. 

Writing Support

Students may contact the Academic Support Coordinator directly to schedule an appointment for writing support.  From brainstorming to polishing the final draft, we will assist at any stage in the writing process.  Whether you are working on a PowerPoint presentation, a resume, a term paper, or an annotated bibliography in APA style, we are happy to help with any type of writing project.

Academic Achievement

Feeling overwhelmed?  Current TU in Northeastern Maryland students are welcome to contact the Academic Support Coordinator to schedule a consultation.  We will work together to uncover your academic strengths and identify strategies for improvement.  Possible topics for discussion include exam preparation, test-taking strategies, goal setting, time management, memorization tips, note taking methods, and more.

Study Groups

Current TU in Northeastern Maryland students are encouraged to serve as study group leaders.  Benefits include free training, great leadership experience to include on a resume, and improved academic performance.  Students who are interested in forming a study group at TU in Northeastern Maryland should contact the Academic Support Coordinator.


Nearly every week during the fall and spring terms, an academic workshop is offered to TU in Northeastern Maryland students. The workshop topics are announced on the Academic Workshops webpage as well as in our weekly email newsletter.

Email Newsletter

Every Monday morning during the fall and spring terms, students and faculty receive an email newsletter highlighting workshops and events specific to TU in Northeastern Maryland. 

If you find that you do not receive the newsletter but would like to be included on our mailing list, please visit the Welcome Desk to leave your name and email address with a staff member.

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