Enrolled Freshman Transition Program To-Do List

In order to make your transition to Towson University as smooth as possible, we have created this To-Do List with important tasks for you to complete before you start classes.  

Housing Information

To see if on-campus housing is available, please check the housing request web page. If the housing application is still open, you must first activate your TU Net ID to apply for housing through the Student Housing Gateway. Since housing is not guaranteed, we encourage you to submit the application as soon as possible. No deposit is required at the time of application. Housing and Residence Life will communicate housing decisions on a rolling basis after the application is submitted. If you are offered on-campus housing, a non-refundable $350 housing deposit will be required to secure your spot. For questions, please contact .

Please note: FTP students may not live in Capstone affiliated housing (West Village 1/Tubman Houses and Millennium Hall).

FTP New Student To-Do List:

Now that you have decided to participate in the Freshman Transition Program, there are tasks that you must complete by the deadline dates shown. If you have questions, please contact the department directly or email New Student and Family Programs at .

Please note: The fall Freshman Transition Program To-Do List is updated each year by mid-March for the following fall semester.

  1. NOW — Activate and check your NetID (email account) and/or personal email accounts.
    New student communications may be sent to TU email accounts and/or personal accounts. After July 30, we will only communicate with you using your TU NetID email account.

  2. Apply for Financial Aid with CCBC
    Financial Aid for FTP students is administered through CCBC. Visit this web page for more information.

  3. Take Placement Test
    Admission to the Freshman Transition Program is contingent upon meeting minimum placement test results.

    Placement testing begins in mid-March and will conclude by late-April. Register NOW for your preferred remote testing session. Note: There will be no onsite placement testing at Towson University.

  4. May 8 — Complete FTP Academic Interest Form
    You must complete the Academic Interest Form so that advisors can create your first term schedule. Please DO NOT complete and submit the online TU Academic Interest Form.

  5. NOW — Submit FERPA Release Form
    This form must be submitted for CCBC and TU to release billing and financial aid information to authorized individuals.

  6. Pay FTP Bill
    Visit the Freshman Transition Program billing web page to learn about how FTP students are billed and make payment through Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC).

  7. ASAP — Register for New Student Orientation and complete your online pre-orientation modules (at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled orientation date).

  8. Complete CliftonStrengths Assessment
    This 20 minute assessment will be used to learn, utilize and build on your strengths. Your results will be used during New Student Orientation.

  9. August 15 — Send final official high school transcript.

    Please have your school counselor submit your final official high school transcript (with graduation date recorded) to .

    If you attended or are currently attending a non-U.S. high school, you must have your transcript evaluated by one of the following international credential evaluation companies: WES, ASCISS, ECE.

    You may also request that your high school send an official transcript by mail to University Admissions, 8000 York Road, Towson, Maryland, 21252.

  10. August 9 Complete COVID vaccination requirements
  11. August 15Complete immunization requirements through the TU Health Portal.
  12. August 15Complete all three mandatory prevention programs (available after July 1) — Alcohol; Prescription Addiction Opioids; Sexual Violence (you will need your TU ID number to sign in)
  13. TBD - Complete COVID testing requirements (details for fall 2021 will be posted soon)
  14. Get your OneCard.
  15. Complete Online To-Do List (separate from this list). In addition to the tasks listed here, log into your online account to see your online To-Do List (left side).

Recommended Tasks

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