Enrolled Freshman Transition Program To-Do List

In order to make your transition to Towson University as smooth as possible, we have created this To-Do List with important tasks for you to complete before you start classes.  

Towson University Classroom

During your transition to Towson University, we will communicate important information to you using your TU and personal email account. If you have not already done so, please activate your Net ID so that you won’t miss any notifications. If you do not receive TU notifications and need to check or change your email address, please email

Please note: 

  • Spring semester To-Do List tasks are updated in mid-October
  • Fall semester To-Do List tasks are updated by early April.


  1. Complete Before Orientation

    1. Complete Admitted FTP Student Enrollment Steps 
      Required to access TU email, submit housing request and deposit, Enrollment Contract and fee and final high school transcripts.
    2. Apply for Financial Aid with CCBC 
      Financial Aid for FTP students is administered through CCBC. Visit this Website for more information.
    3. Complete FTP Academic Interest Form — Deadline: May 20, 2017
      You must complete the Academic Interest Form so that advisors can create your first semester schedule.
    4. Register for Summer Orientation
      All new students are required to attend a summer orientation session at TU.
    5. Complete Strengths Quest Assessment 
      This 20 minute assessment will be used to learn, utilize and build on your strengths. Your results will be used during New Student Orientation.
    6. Download the Guidebook App 
      Download the app prior to orientation to view the orientation schedule, sessions, view maps, participate in live polls and access orientation materials.
    7. Submit Official Final High School Transcript to TU Admissions
      You must request that your high school send a final transcript to University Admissions. 
  2. Complete at Orientation

    1. Complete Immunization Requirements
      It is mandatory for you to upload your immunization records to the TU Health Portal.
    2. Get your OneCard 
      Students should bring a photo ID to orientation, complete the OneCard application and have their photo taken in order to receive their card.
    3. Sign-up for Emergency Text Alerts and download the Safer Mobility App 
      The TU Police Department encourages you to register prior to your arrival on campus.
  3. Complete Before Welcome to Towson Events

    1. Complete Online To-Do List
      In addition to the tasks listed here, log into your online account to see your online To-Do List (left side). 
    2. Activate CCBC Account 
      You must activate your myCCBC account to access grades, blackboard, financial information and more.
    3. Purchase or change Dining Plan
    4. If you are living on campus, you are required to select a dining plan when submitting your housing contract. Commuting or off-campus students can also purchase dining plans here.
    5. Pay CCBC Tuition Bill and Towson Student Services Bill
      Visit the FTP billing web page to learn about how FTP students are billed and make payment through CCBC. 
    6. Purchase Parking Permit (Commuters Only) 
      On-campus freshman are not permitted to have a car on campus. Commuter students may purchase a permit at the link above. 
    7. Request Disability Support Services (optional)
      Reasonable accommodations are available to ensure that you are receiving equal access to education at TU.
    8. Price/Purchase Course Materials 
      You can visit this web page to find, price and order your textbooks.
    9. Prepare for Move-In and Living on Campus
      You are expected to review residence hall policies, move-in details, and view the list of permitted, prohibited and suggested items for your room.
    10. Review Student Code of Conduct, Policies and Expectations 
      You should review and familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures before arriving on campus.
  4. Optional

    1. Register for Project Serve (Fall Semester Only)
      This three-day community service experience takes place before Welcome to TU. 
    2. Register for Project Explore (Fall Semester Only)
      This week-long "Wilderness Pre-Orientation" program is run by student guides and provides you with outdoor living and travel skills.
    3. Complete Religious Interest Card 
      Complete this task if you would like to become involved with religious organizations on campus.
    4. Download the TU Mobile App 
      This app is used to register for classes, view grades, see the campus map, find events, see athletics scores and more.
    5. Learn About Technology Resources at TU 
      Visit this web page to learn about tech support and free services available to you.

Future Notifications and Communication

Towson University will communicate important information to you using your personal and TU email account until July 30. If you do not receive Towson notifications and need to check or change your email address, please email . After July 30, all email notifications from Towson will be sent only to your TU email account. If you have not already done so, please activate your Net ID so that you won’t miss important information.