Classroom Assessment Tools

Examples of rubrics, portfolios, essay questions, performance evaluation and self reflection documents are presented in this page.

Example of Rubrics

Value Rubrics
Civic Engagement (PDF)  Intercultural Knowledge and Competence (PDF)
 Creative Thinking (PDF)  Oral Communication (PDF)
 Critical Thinking (PDF)  Problem Solving (PDF)
 Ethical Reasoning (PDF)  Quantitative Literacy (PDF)
 Foundation and Skills for lifelong Learning (PDF)  Reading (PDF)
 Information Literacy (PDF)  Teamwork (PDF)
 Inquiry and Analysis (PDF)  Written Communication (PDF)
 Integrative Learning (PDF)  
Information Literacy Rubrics 
RAILS-Rubric Assessment on Information Literacy Skills (PDF) RAILS-Student worksheet (PDF)
Research Presentation Rubrics 
Rubric used to score Advance Writing Course (PDF) Rubric used to evaluate research reports (PDF)
Rubric used by MB3 program to evaluate a poster presentation (PDF) Rubric used to evaluate an Information Literacy assignment (PDF)
Rubric used to evaluate a slide presentation (PDF)  
Written Assignment Rubrics
Rubric used to score a written assignment used on COSC480 (PDF) Rubric used to evaluate an advance written assignment on EMF311(PDF)
Field Experience Rubrics 
Student Teaching Final Evaluation Form used by Department of Health Science (PDF) Employer's Final KSA Performance Evaluation (PDF)
Procedures for Student Teaching Summative Assessment (PDF) Internship Evaluation (PDF)
Student Teaching: Elementary & Middle Special Education (PDF)  
Oral Presentation Rubrics 
Rubric for MB3 Oral Presentation of Independent Research (PDF) Rubric used on American Sign Language IV (PDF)
Rating Scale Rubric for an Oral Presentation (PDF) Family Life Educator Presentation (PDF)
Senior Seminar Comments on Oral Presentations (PDF) Peer Evaluation Form used by MB3 (PDF)

Examples of Portfolios

Using a Portfolio to Assess Student Learning (PDF) Portfolio Guidelines used by Special Education Program (PDF)
Portfolio Assignment Example used by Family Studies Program (PDF) Defining a Portfolio (PDF)

Examples of Essay Questions

Essay Questions
Prompt for an Essay Assignment (PDF) Prompt Used for a Research Paper (PDF)
Prompt for a Multimedia Presentation (PDF)  

Examples of Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation
Developing Professional Competence (PDF) Holistic Scoring Guide for Ballet Students (PDF)

Examples of Self-Reflection

 Example used by Dance Program (PDF)  Example used of Reflection Journal by Special Education Program (PDF)
 Example used by Electronic Media and Film Program (PDF)  Example of minute reflection used by Special Education Program (PDF)
 Example used by Health Care Management Program (PDF)  Example used on a transition course (PDF)
 Example about Library Skills (PDF)