Lunch & Learns

The BTU Lunch & Learn series is a chance for faculty and staff to tap into BTU, expand engaged work, and learn best practices from colleagues who are successfully doing the work.

The BTU Lunch & Learn sessions explore best practices of community engagement efforts using successful examples as a framework and active discussions to explore community engagement at TU. Join us to:

  • Recognize benefits of community engagement
  • Identify resources and best practices
  • Avoid common pitfalls
  • Increase the impact and visibility of BTU partnerships
  • Hone community engagement work

Past Lunch & Learn events

University General Counsel, 2/27/19

During this session, University General Counsel Sara Slaff addressed liability and consent issues for faculty, staff, and students who conduct community and civic engagement work. She also discussed issues surrounding memorandums of understanding between the institution, faculty, and community collaborators.

A Guide to Community Engagement, 11/7/18

There are multiple ways to developing, implementing, and assessing community engagement. Librarian Joyce Garczynski discussed her Community Engagement guide. Hosted on the Cook Library website, the guide details what different academic journals and professional associations say about community engagement. During this session, Garczynski connected the various disciplines of attendees to how their fields define community engagement, create methodologies for research, and dissemination of this type of work. Garczynski also discussed ways in which faculty can connect their community engagement work to promotion, tenure, reappointment and merit at Towson University, as well as extending this work to other audiences.

Community Engagement 101, 10/17/18

Dr. Jessica Shiller's "College of Education and Urban Education" partnership was identified as a BTU priority investment project for 2018–19. Shiller presented on her partnership work and discussed the curricula development of the project to create wrap around services for school children and her deliberative process for this social justice community engagement project.