Partnerships Showcase

The BTU Partnerships Showcase is the best opportunity to connect with TU and explore, initiate, or expand partnerships and collaborations.

BTU Partnerships Showcase

The BTU Partnerships Showcase is TU's largest annual event focused on highlighting the exciting work happening in partnership with nonprofits, schools, healthcare organizations, government, and business. This is an opportunity to meet TU faculty, researchers, and administrators to further existing projects and identify future collaborations. Exhibits are diverse and range from a specific research project that’s just getting kicked off to Towson Universitys long-running centers and institutes. 

The BTU Partnerships Showcase is an open house and a chance to:

  • EXPLORE BTU's five impact areas—equitable education, community development, competitive economy, health and well-being, and arts and culture.
  • LEARN why community matters to TU—an ongoing commitment to strengthen TU's connections with community and business partners.
  • CONNECT with leaders from TU centers, programs, and departments—all deeply involved with university-community partnerships.
  • NETWORK with other community partners—all working to make Greater Baltimore a better place to live, work, and learn.
  • CELEBRATE partnership successes—long time partners and the collective work will be highlighted throughout the event.