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At its core, BTU is dedicated to supporting, aligning, and elevating collaborations between Towson University and its many community partners. In addition to convening and best practice events, recognition opportunities, and strategic support, BTU provides a variety of mechanisms to support faculty and staff involved in community engagement and partnership work. 

BTU supports this work in a variety of ways, including:

  • Holding discovery sessions with faculty, staff, and partners to navigate, connect, and support their work. Outcomes may include strategic support of existing partnerships, connecting and convening key internal and external partners, expanding efforts across campus, marketing, communication, and storytelling support.
  • Providing critical funding resources to enhance and sustain community engagement work. Learn more about funding opportunities and guidelines below.
  • Collecting and utilizing data through the BTU Database to measure and share information related to partnerships and community engagement efforts. Learn more about the information captured in the BTU Database and make sure your partnership information is submitted below.
  • Hosting an annual cohort of BTU Faculty Fellows, to expand and reinforce partnerships related to each of the BTU Impact Areas and work to make Towson University more accessible to community partners. 

Ongoing Funding Opportunities

BTU resources are intended to support partnership and community engagement work of faculty, staff, and students. There are many different forms of community engagement and partnership work within higher education. At Towson University, this work is seen as “a dynamic relational process that facilitates communication, interaction, involvement, and exchange between an organization and a community for a range of social and organizational outcomes” (Johnston 2018). Individuals seeking BTU support should craft requests with these parameters of community engagement and partnership work in mind.

Model UN conference

Enrichment Support

BTU Enrichment supports engagement activities such as event and material supplies, catering or meal needs, workshop supplies, external subject matter expert support, gap funding, equipment, marketing materials, honorariums, stipends, and other activities directly related to qualifying community engagement and partnership work. To further TU's economic inclusion efforts (link), BTU asks that all efforts be made to make purchases from local, small, minority-owned businesses. Requests are limited to $1,000.

TU Shuttle

Transportation Support

BTU Transportation supports the utilization of Towson University shuttles, the rental of vans, and parking codes for faculty, staff, or students traveling off-campus, or partners traveling on-campus, for partnership and community engagement projects. 

Baltimore Nonprofit Summit

National Visibility

BTU National Visibility supports conference registration and travel for individuals in the continental United States with direct relation to presenting community engagement work at conferences or events. Requests are limited to $1000 and will be reimbursed via a budget transfer to the faculty/staff member's department.

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