Funding Guidelines & Criteria

All BTU supported engagements must involve the following key components:

  • An expected outcome of positive university and community impact
  • Outcomes must directly link to at least one of the five BTU impact areas:
    • High-quality & equitable education
    • Strong neighborhoods & sustainable communities
    • Thriving & competitive economy
    • Lifelong health & well-being
    • Vibrant arts & cultural community
  • An established or developing community partner
  • Led by a TU faculty or staff. Student led programs or projects must be submitted by their faculty or staff liaison/lead.
  • Evidence of creating an enriched learning environment
  • All engagements for which support is being requested must first be captured in the BTU Database
  • BTU enrichment, transportation support, student employment, and subject matter expert support must be spent and reimbursed in the fiscal year in which it is approved (July 1–June 20)
  • BTU support is not considered a grant or an award and will be allocated based on actual expenses related to engagement and partnership work.
  • Recipients of BTU support will be required to complete an outcomes report at the end of the  semester in which support has concluded.

Student Employment Guidelines

  • Students may be approved for funding support for up to 15 weeks (or 150 hours) total to be used during the current fiscal year (July 1, 2021–June 30, 2022) (weeks can be non-consecutive). Students should typically work around 10 hours each week, with no more than 20 hours in one week
  • The hourly rate for undergraduate students is $12/hour until January 1, 2022 when this increases to $12.50. The hourly rate for graduate students is $15/hour
  • Faculty and staff will be responsible for approving timesheets and tracking their student's hours, though the hours would be charged to BTU's budget.
  • Feedback from faculty and staff will be requested at the end of the student's employment. Student employees will also complete intake and outtake forms at the beginning and end of their employment to track and learn more about their experience working on these projects

Prior to submitting any request for BTU support, they must first be shared and discussed with the appropriate Chair or Department Head.