Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use BTU resources in combination with other internal TU resources or external sources?

  • Yes, BTU resources are meant to be used in conjunction with other resources to support community engagement and partnership work.  Individuals requesting BTU resources are obligated to report other sources of support for their project in the BTU database platform.

Once approved, what is the process for receiving BTU funding?

  • All approved funding requests will be made using departmental funds in compliance with University policies and procedures. BTU reimburses via department transfers and does not reimburse individuals directly. After all related purchases are made or reimbursed by the department, a Peoplesoft report must be submitted for review as well as department and account information for which the funds should be transferred. BTU funds will be transferred to the department based on actual expenses within the approved funding request.
  • For student employees that are supported by BTU, hours that have been approved on their TU timesheet will be charged directly to the BTU budget, rather than individual department budgets. However, the faculty/staff leads or their departments are responsible for approving and tracking these hours.

Can I request BTU support more than once per fiscal year?

  • Yes, pending frequency, feasibility, and budget limitations.

What do I need to do to request BTU resources?

  • Your engagement should first be captured in the BTU Database, if you are unsure if your engagement is already captured, contact Tess Heron at . When requesting support you will need to utilize your TUID, the 7-digits, in bold, located at the bottom of your TU ID card.

What do I need to include when requesting catering or meal tickets?

  • You will need to provide an event date, location, time, number of estimated attendees, and post-event a list of actual attendees. The Office of Partnerships and Outreach will purchase the meal tickets attached the request. Discounted meal tickets are available for specific engagements based on eligibility.

What is the process and time period for getting reimbursed?

  • Reimbursements will only be made to state departments and must all be submitted at one time only.  Every effort will be made to reimburse departments as quickly as possible once all information is provided.

What does BTU not support?

  • Activities that are solely for the recruitment of potential students to TU or when the primary activity is a campus tour/visit
  • Curricular enhancement activities such as field trips or experiential learning opportunities that are not focused on extending partnership or community engagement work
  • Faculty research not connected to community engagement or partnership projects
  • Transportation off-campus not connected to community engagement or partnership projects
  • Transportation to public events on campus not connected to community engagement or partnership projects

What happens if my request for support is not approved?

  • If a BTU request is not approved for any reason, the Office of Partnerships and Outreach will make every effort to assist you in locating other institutional support for your efforts.

What is the review process and timeline for BTU funding?

  • Requests for BTU support will be reviewed with decisions made based on the above criteria on a rolling basis with notifications being made on a weekly basis.