Why Study Economics?

Studying economics gives students the knowledge and tools to analyze the American economic system and the international and domestic economic forces that determine production, prices, profits and incomes.


An economics degree can prepare graduates for a variety of positions in both business and government. Business economists research and provide information on market conditions, forecasting, government regulations, facilities planning, product ­planning and pricing. Government economists analyze economic conditions and estimate the economic impact of public policies.

Job titles include

  • Research assistant
  • Program analyst
  • Budget analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Long-range planner

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Flexible options

The department offers several degree options that allow students to tailor their program to their interests. Students can choose to major in economics and can add a track in financial economics. Students wanting a blend of business and economics can choose the business administration major with a concentration in economics.

The department also offers a minor in economics for students who are interested in the field.

Students benefit from:

  • Opportunities to conduct research with faculty members who are passionate scholars and teachers
  • A variety of elective courses on major topics of interest in economics
  • A departmental honors program
  • Economics scholarships