Why Study Business Analytics & Technology Management?

Programs in Business Analytics and Technology Management fuse business and technology to prepare students for a variety of careers in a broad range of fields rather than limiting study to specific functional areas.


Businesses large and small are not just critically dependent on technology to operate, but to compete in the market place and grow strategically. Companies need individuals with both technical and business knowledge to manage who can harness technology to meet business objectives.

Students with a degree in business systems and processes (BSAP) are primed for a variety of careers, industries, and job functions.

Job titles include

  • systems analyst
  • operations analyst
  • master data analyst
  • SAP consultant

Students with a degree in business administration with a project management and business analysis (PMBA) concentration are prepared for careers such as:

  • project manager/coordinator/specialist,
  • business analyst,
  • quality assurance analyst, and
  • operations analyst.

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The BSAP major is the only one of its kind in Maryland. It gives graduates a balanced understanding of business principles and information technology. Through the program, students earn the SAP Recognition Award, which signals to employers that they are adept at the leading enterprise resource planning software used by thousands of companies worldwide. 

Students pursuing the business administration major with a concentration in project management have the opportunity to earn the Student Certificate in Project Management (SCiPM). This certificate demonstrates students’ knowledge of project management to employers and lays the foundation for continued professional growth.

Students benefit from:

  • hands-on experience and training with technologies such as SAP-ERP, MS-Sharepoint Designer, MS Project and more;
  • Microsoft Office Specialist certification in Excel;
  • professional internships; and
  • networking opportunities with engaged student organizations.

Flexible options

The Business Analytics and Technology Management Department offers two undergraduate majors: business systems and processes and business administration with a concentration in project management.

The department also offers graduate programs in supply chain management and project, program and portfolio management.