Supply Chain Capstone Project


About the Course

The supply chain capstone project course (EBTM 881) includes an independent research or applied project in content areas related to supply chain management. Students work under the supervision of their faculty advisors to address a significant theoretical or applied problem in supply chain management. The completed project should clearly present the problem of the research subject investigated or applied project undertaken, its significance to theory and business practice, research of project background, a well-defined method, results or findings, and implications. 


EBTM 881 Project Proposal Form Deadlines

Fall: First day of Thanksgiving Break
Spring & Summer: First day of Spring Break

Course Details

  • EBTM 602 Introduction to Supply Chain Management
  • At least 15 credits completed in the SCM-MS program
How to Register

1. Submit Capstone Project Intent Form

You must notify the program director that you intend to complete the project during the next semester by emailing a completed EBTM 881 Capstone Project Intent Form (.docx) to  by the appropriate deadline below.


Fall: First day of Thanksgiving Break
Spring & Summer: First day of Spring Break

2. Attend Capstone Presentation Night

You must attend the Capstone Presentation Night during the semester prior to enrolling in EBTM 881. The Capstone Presentation Night includes a workshop for proposal writing where students are paired with a faculty advisor. Information about the event will be sent to your TU email address once your intent form is received and processed.

3. Develop Project Proposal

Send a completed EBTM 881 Capstone Project Proposal Form (.docx) to your faculty mentor by the established deadline in order for the proposal to be reviewed and approved.  The project proposal must be approved by both the faculty advisor and program director.

4. Register for the Course

Once the proposal is approved, students will receive registration instructions from the department.

Course Policies
  • All students must present their final projects. Spring and Fall semester students must present at Capstone Presentation Night. Summer students must present during the Capstone webinar.
  • Final projects include a written report plus presentation.
  • Written report must follow the EBTM 881 Capstone Report Template (.docx)and include all sections as defined in the template.
  • Presentation slides must follow structure of EBTM 881 presentation template (.pptx) and be limited to 15 minutes of discussion.
  • Students are required to meet with their faculty advisor at least two times per month during the semester. It is up to the faculty advisor’s discretion if additional meetings will be needed, and the advisor will clearly communicate those expectations by the end of the semester’s add/drop period.
  • All deadlines are final and must be reasonably met by the student in order to avoid delays in completing the course.
Presentation Resources
Faculty Advisors

The Business Analytics and Technology Management faculty will serve as faculty advisors for EBTM 881.  Below is a sample listing of faculty who are willing to advise projects as well as their areas of expertise and interest:

  • : inventory and specifically inventory replenishment strategies, capacity and capacity planning, supply chain process mapping or value stream mapping
  • : inventory management, global supply chain, and manufacturing industries
  • : social media analytics, buyer-supplier relationship, customer relationship management, supply chain management, electronic commerce, empirical research (either quantitative or qualitative)
  • : supply chain management, blockchain systems, enterprise information systems, cybersecurity, lean operations, decision sciences, operations scheduling, manufacturing, automation, robotic processes
  • : data analysis applications, decision analytics, graph theory, automation impacts, career transition analysis
  • : project, program and project portfolio management
  • : supply chain management, operations, business process modeling
  • : spare parts inventory, decision analysis, collaborative scheduling, cybersecurity, elections security, sports analytics
  • : sourcing and procurement, ERP, systems and processes
  • : business process improvement, analytics & visualization, sports analytics, social media
  • : supply chain analytics
Sample Reports

Students are encouraged to review sample reports in order to understand the quality and depth of a successful EBTM 881 project.  These reports are to be considered guidelines, and the student's project advisor is the arbitrator of grading and approval of project scope.

  • Halina Siegel (Spring 2020): Sample of a project based on a company problem.  Strong data collection with the results that can be easily interpreted by a professional or general population.
  • Vincent Schiavone (Spring 2020): Sample of a research based problem.  This report had a strong research method with well constructed model analysis.  The data and results are well defined and recommendations for improvement are backed up from the results obtained.
  • Lorraine Black (Spring 2020): Sample of a survey based research problem.  Detailed data collection and statistical analysis to support multiple hypotheses.