Finance Minor

The minor in finance can supply students with a basic understanding of how to apply financial tools to investments, as well as make personal financial decisions.

The finance minor is available to students in all majors except business administration with a concentration in finance. All requirements for the finance minor must be completed with a grade equivalent of 2.00 or higher. Students electing the finance minor are not formally admitted to nor graduate from the College of Business and Economics.

Students must complete at least 12 units of courses at Towson University in order to earn this minor. Courses taken prior to declaring the minor may be applied toward fulfilling the requirements.

Why Study Finance?

Finance encompasses the management of money at the personal, corporate and public levels. Students learn the big picture of business and can prepare for careers ranging from financial adviser to investment banker. Learn more.

Minor Requirements

Requirements for the finance minor can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Why Choose a Minor? 

Broaden Your Educational Experience

A minor course of study allows you to complement your major with a broader body of knowledge. You can pursue your personal passion and academic interests while still fulfilling the requirements of your major discipline. Enhance your resume and transcript and make yourself a more marketable job candidate by building your knowledge base and broadening your educational experience.