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The SLP MS program encourages students to see all forms of support, including assistantships and scholarships.

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What is a “GA?”

A "GA" is a Graduate Assistantship. The Graduate Studies Assistantship Program at Towson University offers a limited number of graduate assistantships each year to qualified students. Students apply for either full-time (20 hours per week) or half-time (10 hours per week) assistantships for a period of one semester (Fall or Spring), one academic year, or summer. There are also a limited number of graduate teaching assistantships and research assistantships in certain programs. Students must submit an assistantship application to the Graduate Assistantship Office in Graduate Studies and submit a resume to potential faculty or staff supervisors.

What does it pay?

A GA pays for some or all of your tuition and provides you with a small stipend in bi-monthly payments for ten months (September-June). There are some summer GA positions which you must also apply for. The type of waiver and size of stipend you receive is dependent on the type of assistantship you are awarded.

Please visit the Graduate Studies Office website for additional details about GAs.

*During minimester (January classes), graduate assistants do NOT receive tuition waivers. However, out-of-state students may receive in-state rates if they contact the GAO office via e-mail before registering for minimester courses.

How much would I save on Tuition?

Your GA tuition waiver covers tuition but not university fees. If you receive a GA position, you will still be responsible for paying the fees, which typically are over $1,000 per semester of full-time study. For more information, go the the Towson University Student & University Billing Office website. 

How do I apply for a GA position?
To be eligible for an assistantship, students must:

  • Be admitted to a degree program.
  • Be in good academic standing and maintain a minimum semester grade point average of 3.0 in all courses taken for graduate credit during the assistantship.
  • Register for degree hours during every semester of the assistantship. (Full-time assistants register for a minimum of six hours and half-time assistants for at least three hours.)
  • Submit an assistantship application and resume every academic year to the GA Office in Graduate Studies.
  • Check the Handshake website frequently for open positions.
  • E-mail the Speech Language Pathology Graduate Program at to be placed on our list so we can alert you of potential job openings and interview opportunities.
  • Contact potential employers by sending a resume, outlining your qualifications and requesting an interview.
  • For more information, go to the Office of Graduate Studies Graduate Assistantship website or call (410-704-4484) or email () that office.

Although there is no application deadline, some on-campus assistants are selected in early or late spring. Others are selected in July through early September, as often faculty are awarded a GA position after the fiscal budget has been announced. Available GA positions are often posted, however, in many cases by the time they appear on the GAO website, the position has already been filled.

What are my chances of securing a GA position?
We can't make any promises, but the following facts will give you an idea of how many of our Speech-Language Pathology students were awarded a GA and what we're doing to help.

Department GAs

  1. If your are accepted to our program, we work with you to network with departments that have previously hired our graduate students. We keep a list of students we admit who are interested and share the list with any department who tells us they need to find a GA. Please remember to check the website frequently and apply for any positions that you are eligible for as many available positions are not presented to us directly.
  2. We offer 4 or 5 GA positions within the SLP program. If you are a competitive applicant, we invite you for an interview when you receive your acceptance letter.

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