Admission Requirements & Deadlines

Speech-Language Pathology (M.S.)

Application Deadline

Admission to the Speech-Language Pathology (M.S.) is for the fall term only with the following application deadline:

  • Final Deadline: Jan. 15

Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their applications and related materials to CSDCAS as early as possible to allow CSDCAS to verify materials in a timely manner. Applicants should also submit the Towson University online application by January 15 (see Application Requirements below).

Admission Criteria

  • No GRE scores are required. 
  • A baccalaureate degree preferably in speech-language pathology and audiology from a regionally accredited college or university completed prior to the year of fall admission.  
  • A minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.00 (on a 4-point scale) in the major and a minimum GPA of 3.00 for the last 60 credits of study is required for consideration for admission to the program. See graduate admission policies for more information. 
  • The American Speech-Language Hearing Association’s minimum requirements for application for the Certificate of Clinical Competence include: transcript credits for course work, CLEP or advanced placement (AP) examinations in each of the following areas: biological sciences (human/animal focused), physics or chemistry, social/behavioral sciences (psychology, sociology, anthropology, etc.), and statistics. In addition to transcript credit, applicants may be required to provide further evidence of meeting these requirements. Students without these courses will be required to take them as part of their graduate program.

    NOTE: No more than two ASHA prerequisite courses may be incomplete at the time of application.

Students with Degrees in Different Fields

Applicants with bachelor’s degrees in disciplines other than speech-language pathology and audiology should consider 2-year second bachelor's degree programs or prerequisite programs from one or more regionally accredited universities. NOTE: Towson University does not allow non-degree students to complete speech-language pathology and audiology courses. 


  • Students who completed a prerequisite program must have completed the following courses:
    • Anatomy and Physiology of the Auditory and Vocal Mechanism (3 credits)
    • Phonetics of American English (3 credits)
    • Language Development (3 credits)
    • Articulation/Phonology (3 credits)
    • Language Disorders (3 credits)
    • Speech Science (3 credits)
    • Introduction to Audiology (3 credits)
    • Introduction to Aural Rehabilitation (3 credits)
    • *Observations/Clinical Methods Course (3 credits) (*Must include minimum 25 documented observation hours under supervision of ASHA CCC-SLP certified practitioner)

Please contact the graduate program at with questions about prerequisites.

Application Requirements

Complete the CSDCAS application with the following items by January 15: 

  • Official Transcripts: Request that official transcripts from all U.S. institutions attended be sent to CSDCAS
  • Letters of Recommendation: Request three letters of recommendation be sent through the CSDCAS recommender portal. At least 2 of the 3 letters must be from professors. The third letter may be from a professional contact or a professor.
  • Personal Statement/Essay: Submit a personal statement/essay according to instructions and prompts on CSDCAS. 
  • Submit the Towson University Supplemental  online application by January 15

Additional Requirements for International Applicants

U.S. Immigration requires F1 and J1 students to be enrolled full-time with the majority of their classes taken in-person and on campus. For a list of TU programs that comply as well as information on required credential evaluations and English-language proficiency, please see admission requirements for international students.

Additionally, for international students and students whose first language is not English, a TOEFL IBT score of 100 is required for this program with a minimum of 26 on speaking, 22 on reading, 22 on listening and 24 on writing. A U.S. degree does not waive the requirement of TOEFL for this program. In addition, an interview with the graduate program director is required.

Application Timeline

Applicants who meet the January 15 deadline will receive a decision offer in late February to early March, and will have until April 15 to accept the offer of admission.