Our Alumni

Selected Graduate Programs

PhD Programs

University Program
Drexel University Clinical Psychology
University of Florida Clinical Psychology
Howard University Clinical Psychology
 University of Kansas Clinical Psychology
University of Kentucky Counseling Psychology
University of Mississippi Clinical Psychology
University of New Mexico Clinical Psychology
Utah State University Clinical Psychology
Rosalind Franklin University Clinical Psychology
University of South Florida School Psychology
University of Tennessee Clinical Psychology
West Virginia University Clinical Psychology

PsyD Programs

University Program
Chicago School of Professional Psychology Clinical
Illinois School of Professional Psychology Clinical
Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology Clinical
Nova Southeastern Clinical
Pepperdine Clinical
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine Clinical

Selected Job Placements

Location  Type of Placement
Baltimore Crisis Response  Clinical
Baltimore VA Medical Center  Research
Cornerstone Clinic at Johns Hopkins Bayview Campus  Clinical/Research
Friends Research Institute, Inc. Social Research Center  Research
Gateway Center of Helen Ross McNab  Clinical
Johns Hopkins University  Research/Administrative
Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health  Research
Kennedy Krieger Institute  Clinical
Key Point Health Services, Inc.  Clinical/Administrative
The League for People with Disabilities, Inc.  Clinical/Administrative
University of Maryland  Research
Neurology Institute for Brain Health and Fitness  Clinical
Pulmonary and Critical Care Associates of Baltimore  Research
Sheppard Pratt  Research
Towson University Counseling Center  Research
Johns Hopkins Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit  Research

Selected Publications

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