Admission Requirements & Deadlines

Psychology - Clinical Psychology Concentration (M.A.)

Application Deadline

The Psychology - Clinical Concentration (M.A.) program admits for the fall term only with a final application deadline of January 15. Applications will not be accepted after January 15. 

Admission Criteria

  • No GRE scores are required. You may submit scores if you have them, and they will be considered by the admissions committee. Applications without GRE scores will be given equal consideration.
  • A minimum undergraduate grade point average of 3.00 for full admission. All GPA calculations are based upon either the cumulative units or the last 60 units of the degree. See graduate admissions policies for more information.
  • Four Required Undergraduate Courses in Psychology:
    General Psychology (3 credits)
    Abnormal Psychology (3 credits)
    Research Methods/Statistics (3 credits)
    Personality, Social, Cognitive or Developmental Psychology (3 credits)
  • A baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university.
  • An interview with program faculty. Students meeting the criteria for admission specified above will be invited by the program director for an interview with faculty and students. This interview is a compulsory part of the application process.

Application Requirements

Submit an online application, application fee and official transcripts, along with:

Two letters of recommendation: Letters from experiential placements/internships/fieldwork and from academic sources (e.g., professors) are preferred. Please do not send personal reference letters (e.g., letters from parents, friends, family, employers/supervisors from a non-psychology related job, etc.) Email addresses of recommenders must be entered on application. 

A personal statement: Applicants are required to submit with their applications a personal statement (no longer than 3 pages double-spaced) indicating why they are interested in pursuing a graduate degree in clinical psychology, their area of clinical and/or research interests, and their professional goals. As described on our website, we have two training options within the clinical psychology master's program: the practitioner option and the researcher option. Please indicate which option you wish to pursue; if you choose the researcher option, please browse the list of faculty in the psychology department and indicate at least 1-3 specific faculty members with whom you would be interested in working and why you are interested in working with them. Also, students should include in their statement a discussion of what they see as their greatest strength and weakness as an aspiring graduate student in clinical psychology. 

Resume/CV: Students are required to submit a resume or CV, highlighting their research and clinical experiences, any teaching experiences they have had, and any honors or awards received.

Note: Students are admitted to the clinical psychology program for the fall semester only. Those wishing to begin graduate work in the fall must have their completed application and all admission credentials submitted to the Graduate School by January 15th.

Application Time Line
Except for the January 15th deadline, the following dates are approximate.
January 15th: Deadline for Towson to receive all application materials.
1st Week of February: Invitations extended to top 40 candidates to attend compulsory interview.
Mid-February to Mid-March: Two weeks of clinical interviews.
April 1: Applicants notified of admission decision.
April 15: Deadline by which admitted applicants must notify Towson of their decision

Profile of a typical applicant subsequently admitted to our program

Each year, the clinical psychology program receives dozens of inquiries about the admission process from potential applicants. The table below summarizes the average GRE scores and undergraduate GPA of students who were admitted to the program.

Year of Admission GRE-V Mean % Rank GRE-Q Mean % Rank Analytic Writing Mean Undergrad GPA Number Matriculated
AY 18-19 154 64 150 39 4.1 3.74 14
AY 17-18 155 68 149 35 4.25 3.66 14
AY 16-17 156 72 151 51 4.42 3.72 13
AY 15-16 156 72 153 60 4.4 3.53 15
AY 14-15 155 72 151 51 4.4 3.70 15
Mean for All Years 155 70 151 47 4.3 3.67 14

Note: There have been no changes in the analytic writing section.

In order to be considered for admission, students must meet the following criteria:

  • An undergraduate GPA (overall or last 60 credits) of at least 3.0

Those students who meet the initial screening criteria will subsequently be evaluated based upon the strengths and other relevant information they present in their application portfolio. If, in spite of some deficiency in the academic record, we believe an applicant shows promise, we may invite the applicant to campus for an admission interview.

The graduate program in clinical psychology is a small, selective program. We receive 80 to 100 applications each year. Approximately forty of these applicants are invited to campus to interview with faculty and current students. Of these candidates, offers of admission will go out to a maximum of sixteen students.

Additional Requirements for International Applicants

U.S. Immigration requires F1 and J1 students to be enrolled full-time with the majority of their classes taken in-person and on campus. For a list of TU programs that comply as well as information on required credential evaluations and English-language proficiency, please see admission requirements for international students.