Faculty Member name

courses taught for the program
Jonathan Mattanah, Ph.D., Program Director

- Psychotherapy and Behavior Change I & II

- Developmental Psychology

Erin Girio-Herrera, Ph.D.



Christa Schmidt, Ph.D. -Ethical, Legal, & Professional Issues in Psychology
Bethany Brand, Ph.D -Diagnostic Interviewing and Assessment
Matthew Mychailyszyn, Ph.D. -Advanced Child Psychopathology
-Child Psychotherapy
Sandra Llera, Ph.D. -Multicultural Issues in Clinical Psychology
Christina Dardis, Ph.D. -Advanced Abnormal Psychology
Jeffery Kukucka, Ph.D. -Advanced Experimental Design I & II
Elizabeth Katz, Ph.D. -Drug and Alcohol Counseling 
Jaime Kaplan, Psy. D. -Cognitive Therapy