Elementary Education (M.Ed.)

This program is not currently accepting new students.

TU student teaching a child

The Master of Education in elementary education can help you, the experienced teacher, broaden your expertise and prepare for future leadership roles.

Why Earn a Master's Degree in Elementary Education?

As the premier teacher-training institution in Maryland, Towson University has a 150-year tradition of preparing classroom teachers, education specialists, and school leaders.

As school systems nationwide struggle to find qualified elementary school teachers and administrators, your Towson degree will position you to take full advantage of growing opportunities in the field.

About the Program

Our program is designed for elementary school teachers to gain advanced skills in research-based practices for teaching subject matter to diverse learners. In our increasingly interdependent world, there is a need to prepare teachers to be global educators who internationalize schools through curriculum development, instructional design, action research and teacher leadership.

Graduates of the program qualify for advanced professional certification from the Maryland State Department of Education. M.Ed. graduates are frequently promoted to leadership roles in their subject areas or find positions in museums, foundations and other organizations devoted to public education.

How the M.Ed. in Elementary Education Prepares Students

In this program you will learn from supportive faculty members recognized for their contributions to the field as teachers, scholars and advisers. The M.Ed. in elementary education prepares you to:

  • develop advanced competencies in curriculum development, instructional design, and evaluation of curriculum and instruction
  • understand the diverse nature of learners, society, and the impact on learning
  • assume leadership roles in curriculum and instruction in the education profession
  • use technology and media to enhance learning
  • understand and use appropriate assessment and evaluation
  • engage in scholarly activities to promote student achievement
  • think and reflect critically about the educational processes and professional practice

Degree Requirements and Course Descriptions

You can view admission and degree requirements and course descriptions in the Graduate Catalog.

What’s the Difference Between the M.Ed. and the Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.)?

The M.Ed. program is designed as an advanced program exclusively for certified teachers who want to enhance classroom practice and develop teacher leadership. For those who want to enter the teaching profession and earn their first teaching certificate, Towson’s M.A.T. program is designed for you.


Program Advantages 


Flexible Options

The elementary education (M.Ed.) offers a thesis or non-thesis track. You are encouraged to pursue a more concentrated study in an area of your interest and write a thesis. The non-thesis track requires an additional elective and three-credit capstone project incorporating original research.