Frequently Asked Questions


Am I required to meet with my Advisor?
Yes! All graduate students must meet with their advisor early in their program and may arrange additional sessions as needed. It is the responsibility of the graduate student to follow the correct program of study. Meeting with the advisor ensures that the correct plan is followed and completed for graduation.

How do I arrange a meeting with my Advisor?
You may call or e-mail for an appointment. The advisors also have regular office hours at least one evening a week. Times are available on a first come, first serve basis. It is strongly advised that you arrange your appointment ahead of arriving on campus. 

Registering for Classes

I tried to register online but cannot access my account. What's wrong?
You may have an inactive online TU account and need a new user name and/or password. You may also have a "hold" on your account for some reason. In either case, call the TU Graduate Office at 410-704-2501 to check on your online access.

What are the "section numbers" for a course?
Section numbers indicate the location and/or program designation of courses (e.g. ELED 665.101). Please click on the course details icon (on the right of course listing) as section numbers may indicate the course is off-campus. Clicking on this icon will reveal dates, location, and additional details about the course.

A course I want to take is designated "by permission only" or "department permission needed." What do I do?
You are not allowed to enroll in courses that are designated for special cohorts or specifically for other programs (e.g. MAT) if they are so designated. ELED 775 is the only required course that needs advisor permission prior to enrolling. If a course is not open to you, or is full, seek other options.

How do I know if a course is part of my program of study?
The M.Ed. ELED program of study is mailed to all students accepted to the program. A copy of the program of study is available on this website. Download it to review your options.

I think I am ready for my last course, ELED 775. What do I need to do?
You may enroll in ELED 775 (the capstone course) only after completing 27 semester credits and EDUC 761. Once you have met this criteria, contact your advisor and s/he will provide permission to enroll in this course.

Course & Program of Study Issues

What happens if I miss a class?
Attendance policies are developed by each instructor for each course. Policies may vary. It is the graduate student’s responsibility to understand and adhere to the policies established for each course. The course syllabus is your “contract” with the instructor. If you know you will need to miss more class sessions then permitted, do not enroll in the course. Always discuss special needs and emergencies with the instructor. The general attendance policies for graduate students may be found in the current Towson University Graduate Catalog.

Is there a mandatory order that I must complete the courses in?
Yes and No.

  • Final courses (EDUC 761, ELED 775) MUST be taken in order since these courses have prerequisites and/or need instructor approval. Please review the M.Ed ELED Program of Study for specifics.
  • Initial required courses and electives may be taken in any order.
    EDUC 605
    EDUC 660
    ELED 647
    ELED 665

What happens if I take the courses out of order?
In some instances, students who take incorrect courses or try to take courses out of required order find that graduation is delayed one or two semesters. In worse case scenarios, students may find they have to take several additional courses to correct mistakes they made.

Are the required courses offered every semester?
Certain required courses are offered every semester. Others are offered only fall and spring due to need for access to children, classrooms, district and TU approval for research. Below is a list of when courses are offered:

Course Number Semester
ELED 665 Fall, Spring, Summer
EDUC 660 Fall, Spring, Summer
EDUC 605 Fall, Spring, Summer
ELED 647 Fall, Spring
EDUC 761 Fall, Spring
ELED 775 Fall, Spring

Program Completion and Graduation

How long does it typically take to complete the M.Ed. ELED Program?
Most educators who work full time find they can complete the program in 3 to 3.5 years. To do this, they enroll in one course for fall, one course for spring, and two or more courses for summer. Please remember that you may NOT take EDUC 761 and ELED 775 simultaneously. EDUC 761 MUST be completed before you enroll in ELED 775, the capstone course.

Is there limit on the number of years for completing the M.Ed. ELED Program?
All requirements for a master’s degree must be completed within a 7-year period. This time period begins with the first course that applies to your masters program. This also applies to any courses your may transfer into the program.

What if I can’t finish my program in 7 years?
Students unable to complete the M.Ed. ELED within 7 years may apply for a one-year extension. The extension request should be discussed with your advisor and then submitted to the TU Graduate School. Only those students with valid reasons for needing an extension will be granted one. Students who cannot finish the program with an approved one-year extension must retake courses that are beyond the 7-year limit.

How do I apply for Graduation?
You must submit an application for graduation to the Towson University Office of Graduate Studies. Once your application is complete, the TU Graduate Office and your advisor will review your transcript for final approval.

When do I need to apply for Graduation?
You need to submit your graduation application several months prior to the completion of your program. No exceptions are made for late applications.

Transferring Credits

Can I transfer graduate credits from other universities and apply them to my M.Ed. ELED Program?[Please note that the M.Ed ELED program has a different policy than Towson University.]
Graduate students enrolled in the Master of Education in Elementary Education program may transfer a maximum of 9 credits of graduate-level course work required for their degree program. Additional credit may be accepted in special circumstances, with approval of the program director.

How do I transfer Graduate credits?
You must complete a Transfer of Credit Form and submit both it and the required materials to your advisor. Towson University Graduate Programs require that you submit the following materials to your advisor: 1) an official transcript of the requested courses and 2) a copy of the catalog description from the university where the courses were taken. Submit the materials directly to your advisor, NOT to the TU Graduate Office. Your advisor will review the materials and forward them to the Graduate Office, which gives final approval.