Level II

Level II is the second semester of the Elementary Education program. Students take courses focused on math and science instruction and attend a field placement in an elementary school two ½ days a week.

Level II Courses

Five courses are taken within the cohort:

  • MATH 323 Teaching Math in the Elementary School
  • MATH 324 Math placement in an elementary classroom
  • BIOL 303 Life Science
  • PHSC 303 Earth-Space Science
  • SCIE 376 Science placement in an elementary classroom

If you have not yet taken ISTC 301, please take it during Level II. You may choose any section of the course.

Please contact Karen Cimino at 410-704-4454 or for additional information for Level II.

How to Apply for Level III

You must attend the Level III orientation to be able to apply for Level III. The Level III Orientation will be in October, and the date will be posted on the Elementary Education bulletin board when available.