edTPA at TU

What is edTPA?

edTPA® is a national performance-based assessment for beginning teachers. It is used to assess candidates’ classroom readiness as well as to support their development as educators. 

Candidates will focus on a sequence of 3-5 lessons for one class. They will develop a digital portfolio demonstrating their ability to plan, to instruct, and to assess students’ learning within those 3-5 lessons. The portfolio, which consists of lesson materials, work samples, video footage, and written reflections, will be scored using 13 to 18 different rubrics, depending on the content area.

Why do I need to complete edTPA?

edTPA is one of the measures that Towson University uses to make sure that candidates are ready for the classroom as well as to meet state and national accreditation requirements.

This assessment:

  • emphasizes impact on student learning
  • highlights a number of best practices in teaching
  • is valid and reliable

Additionally, edTPA meets the pedagogy assessment requirement for teacher certification in Maryland and many other states. Learn more at the edTPA for Maryland page.

What is a qualifying score on edTPA?

Based on national and local data, the College of Education at Towson University has established the following qualifying scores for edTPA:

  • 13 Rubrics (World Language only): 32 or above
  • 15 Rubrics (most subject areas): 37 or above
  • 18 Rubrics (Elementary Education only): 44 or above

If you are pursuing initial certification in a different state, you will need to check the handbook requirements and passing scores on the state requirements page.

What does edTPA cost?

Students are charged a $300 edTPA fee, the cost of national scoring, when they register for their final internship course. TU then provides each student with a voucher code to use in lieu of payment when registering for edTPA.

If students receive an incomplete on edTPA and need to submit a retake of one or more tasks, they are responsible for that cost ($100 per task).

Want to learn more about edTPA?

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